Kentucky-Florida scuffle clears benches; nine ejected in SEC women’s tournament

Tensions rose during the SEC Women's Basketball Tournament's first round matchup between Kentucky and Florida.  Caroline.  (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)
Tensions rose during the SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament’s first round matchup between Kentucky and Florida. Caroline. Tatiana Wich of the Florida Gators and Aja Petty of Kentucky were in the middle. (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)

Wednesday’s University of Florida SEC vs. Kentucky SEC Tournament first-round game got pretty tense in the second quarter after both benches were vacated after a trade between Florida sophomore Tatiana Wich and Kentucky forward Ajay Petty.

After Kentucky scored a goal, Petty caught the ball and pushed it into Wych’s face, who was running back down the court. In response, Vych threw the ball to the back of Petty’s head. Although Vych didn’t connect, she continued to blame Petty. Chaos ensued and both players had to be held back. Nine players were ejected after a pandemonium that reportedly delayed the game for 22 minutes.

Veach received a technical opinion and was sent off with 2 points and 2 rebounds in five minutes of playing time. Petty, a junior, received a technical opinion but was allowed to remain in the game. She had 4 points, 3 blocks and 2 rebounds.

Other videos reveal that Kentucky head coach Kira Elsie lost one of her shiny heeled shoes and assistant coach Jan Hoover was knocked to the ground. One fan even tried to storm the court. He didn’t get there because of the efforts of his two neighbors, but he tried his best.

At halftime, the Wildcats led 22–21 and were able to finish the game against Florida 72–57. loss Enya Russell, Sanya Tyler, Zennia Thomas and a freshman guard Cassidy Rowe after the incident. Only seven players were reported in Kentucky and Florida to finish the game. For Florida, Wych and her sister Thalia, Zippy Broughton (injured), and Ra Shia starters Kyle and Faith Dat were everyone. reportedly thrown out.

Kentucky senior quarterback Robin Benton scored 20 points and Florida senior quarterback Nina Rickards led Florida with 19 points. The Gators advance to the second round and face No. 6 Alabama on Thursday night.

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