Kofi Kingston continues to build his Hall of Fame legacy with another feat as he prepares for the Royal Rumble

Kofi Kingston’s creativity can often overshadow the quality of his accomplishments. Kingston competes in the 2023 Royal Rumble, an event where he became a cornerstone of comedy following a unique WWE Hall of Fame achievement.

Since 2012, Kingston has been tasked with an unusual challenge: surviving the annual tournament by doing his best. handstand, was caught in the air by Big E and more to delay defeat.

Kingston will take part in the 30-man Royal Rumble at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday and is expected to flex his creative muscles for another wonderful moment. Although Kingston is the most prolific performer of the danger spot, he is not the creator of it. Dramatic survival is tied to the fabric of the Battle, and prior to Kingston, John Morrison had built a reputation for his ability to narrowly avoid disaster. Kingston is referring to a natural successor, but he says the key to the role is rooted in thoughtfulness, not athleticism.

“Ricochet can do anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he can fly or levitate in real life, just haven’t revealed that yet,” Kingston said. “I’m so impressed with how he can move. Literally in every match, he can bend his body in all possible ways. These are literally video game moves. I would probably say “Ricochet”. But really, it could be anyone. You don’t have to be a gymnast and super duper nimble or nimble to do what I do. It’s all about thinking about ways to make something unique.”

Check out the full interview with Kofi Kingston below.

However, participation in this week’s main event overshadowed a much more important milestone. Kingston and New Day teammate Xavier Woods won the NXT Tag Team Championship in December. As a result, Kingston became the first WWE Superstar to achieve the Triple Crown in both singles and tag teams.

WWE recognizes the singles triple crown holder as the person who has won the world title, tag team title, and intercontinental championship. The Tag Team Triple Crown holder should earn the Raw, SmackDown, and NXT Tag Team Championships. Kingston is also one of the 27 Grand Slam champions in WWE history, having held three of the aforementioned singles titles as well as the United States Championship.

“It’s crazy because it’s not something you ever set a goal for,” Kingston told CBS Sports. “I am really lucky that I lived so long. I was able to do a lot of cool things and had a lot of great opportunities and luckily I was able to take advantage of most of them. them and make the most of them. And here we are. It also seems really special because I really wasn’t in the role of an old school veteran.”

Kingston is channeling his longevity and success as a WWE superstar into an initiative to support his homeland of Ghana, West Africa. Kingston and his mother, Elizabeth Sarkody-Mensah, founded the non-profit organization CLICK (Computer Lab and Integrated Knowledge Center) for quality education and related GoFundMe build computer labs and integrated learning centers for junior high schools in Ghana, especially in poor areas.

“I’m lucky because I have a direct connection to Ghana because my mom lives there now and obviously she’s been very connected there over the years,” Kingston said. “When she tells me about some of the opportunities that are missing in Ghana, I just say, ‘Man, we in the United States and around the world take so many things for granted.’ I can pull out my cell phone and access any information I want. I don’t even know what it was.”

Kingston will try to take down 29 other superstars this year in the Royal Rumble, one of the few trophies he has yet to win en route to WrestleMania.

Source: www.cbssports.com

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