KSI prefers fighting Joe Fournier over Tyron Woodley next: ‘This guy has not won a fight since 2018’

Tyron Woodley could miss the KSI fight again.

In January, a British YouTuber knocked out professional esportsman FaZe Temperrr at his Misfits Boxing event in London; however, Temperrr was not meant to be KSI’s opponent. KSI was originally scheduled to face Woodley in a boxing match, while Logan Paul fought Dillon Danis in a double headliner. But when Paul was forced out of the event due to injury, KSI opted to fight Denis instead, leaving Woodley out of the conversation. And when Danis ultimately pulled out of the fight on short notice, KSI instead chose Temperrr as his replacement opponent and knocked him out in the first round.

The whole situation infuriated Woodley, but with KSI looking for another opponent before potentially facing Jake Paul at the end of the year, Woodley would appear to be the frontrunner for the opportunity.

Except that KSI says that he is currently leaning towards another opponent.

“I think for me in May it will be between Woodley and Joe Fournier,” KSI said on Hour of MMA.

“I look at Woodley and I think this guy hasn’t won a fight since 2018. He has a series of six defeats. Do I really need to fight this guy? Or should I fight someone like Joe Fournier, who is 9-0, he fights boxers, none of this MMA, he is a professional boxer, at some point he had an international belt. … He’s that guy. And then you have Woodley. The only reason I’m going to fight Woodley is to prove to everyone that I can knock him out faster than Jake. So I’m just trying to weigh it up and see what makes the most sense to me.”

“People want me to be tested,” KSI added. “I fought Swarms and Pineda, it was not a test. They’re like, “Whatever one may say, nobody cares.” The funny thing is that after that they both won their fights. But then I fight Temperrr. I was supposed to fight Dillon Danis, but he ran out of steam. I fight Temperrr, I destroy it, and people again say: “Not a problem.” Chill.

“Then I need to challenge myself. I tried to challenge myself. People said, “Temperrr will give me problems, Temperrr is long, tall, lean, he’s been a problem for other fighters in the YouTube scene.” Then I go in and knock him out like it means nothing. I think for me people are trying to see my level, to see where I’m fighting, so I feel like fighting someone like Joe Fournier makes sense. But then does it feel like I should also shut up some Woodley people as well?”

Fournier is a businessman, influencer and boxer with a 9-0 (1 NC) professional record. He also won the WBA light heavyweight title in 2017 by knocking out Wilmer Mejia. Those powers would certainly have made him the toughest test of KSI’s boxing career, but some have suggested, including Jake Paul, that Woodley would have been a more worthy opponent. But KSI doesn’t seem to agree.

“I’m looking in Joe’s direction,” KSI said. “It will be May 13th. Wembley”.

Sorry Tyrone. Lucky next time.


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