Kyle Filipowski hits the spin move for a Duke bucket – ESPN Video

0:18 Caleb Love builds a bucket of u-1s for UNCCCaleb Love puts a lot of effort into putting together a bucket of u-1s as North Carolina compares him to Duke. when Leaky Black knocks down a three-pointer for North Carolina. 47 min 0:16 Jeremy Roach hits Duke’s 3-pointer Jeremy Roach hits a 3-pointer when Duke compares him to UNC. 56 min 0:19 Backot hits hard for UNC Armando Backot hits hard and throws a slam as UNC leads early game against Duke. 18 UNC Goes Ahead Jackson Watkins Forces Graduation Day JourneyNorth Carolina Walk Jackson Watkins gets Duke on the road as he begins his first day at UNC. UNC.29m0:18 Caleb Love collects the u-1 bucket for UNC Caleb Love makes a big effort inside to collect the u-1 bucket as NC compares him to Duke. 38 min 0:26 Vince Carter approves of Leaky Black’s 3-pointer Vince Carter approves of Leaky Black’s 3-pointer for North Carolina. 47 min 0:16 Jeremy Roach knocks down Duke’s three-pointer Jeremy Roach knocks down a three-pointer when Duke equalizes with UNC. ahead of Duke. how he gets a start at UNC’s senior day. 1:0:36 Texas lifts top 10 victory over Kansas 1:1:39 Texas A&M forces decisive loss to seal upset victory over Alabama 6:00:33 Bracketology: who’s in? Who got out? It’s Champions Week and we’ll soon find out that three teams – Alabama, Kansas and Houston – continue to fight for the top spot overall. UCLA and Arizona can still challenge Purdue for the fourth No. 1 seed. 17hJoe LunardiPhoto by Chris Gardner/Getty Images


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