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Kyle Larson calls Indy crash with Ty Dillon ‘a big mistake’

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BROOKLYN, Michigan – Kyle Larson said he was ashamed of the mistake he made last weekend and was grateful Ty Dillon was not hurt when Larson crashed into Dillon’s car at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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“I just made a big mistake,” Larson said Saturday of the incident with Dillon at Turn 1 on the highway. “I went deep into the game and lost my form. I hoped that by the time I got it under control, I would be able to drive straight ahead before they turned the corner.

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“One day I realized that I was going to hit (Ricky Stenhouse, I tried to just do my best to turn right and let them both pass. Obviously, this did not happen.

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“Embarrassing. Very sorry for destroying Ty and just really grateful that he and I were both safe and not seriously injured. We were both scared.”

Larson drove too deep into the braking zone. He then rushed into a 90-degree right turn in an attempt to avoid a collision with Stenhouse and Dillon.

“When you miss the braking point a little or a lot, there is no deceleration,” Stenhouse said.

Dillon said he did not expect contact from Larson’s car.

“Usually when you’re about to hit a wall or you see something approaching, you’re tensing your core, tensing your muscles as much as you can – at least that’s what I do,” Dillon said. “I think maybe the impact on different parts of the body feels different.

“With that, I wasn’t ready for it. I think my body just took on most of the dissipation. I think that’s why my ribs hurt and everything.”

Dillon said he was sick until Friday.

After the accident, Larson ran to Dillon’s to check on him.

“I hit him hard and it knocked me out so I knew it was a hard hit for him too,” Larson said. “And it was 1000% on me, so I wanted to make sure he was okay.

“I like Tai. He’s really a good guy. I immediately felt bad and wanted to check it out the next day. Luckily he figured out the mistake and it made me feel a lot better because I feel terrible about it and just glad we were both safe.”

Dillon said nothing was said in anger when Larson approached after the crash.

“I wasn’t angry,” Dillon said. “He is too good a driver to do something like that on purpose. I know Larson. I think at first he was shocked because he asked me: “What happened? I really do not know. (Dillon told him) “You hit me really hard.” But I was glad to see that he was ok.

“When I got out. I’m still trying to come to my senses. Everyone said: “You were limping.” I didn’t have any problems with my legs. I just wasn’t sure what was still in the right place on my body. So I was just sort of grinding my legs under me. I think it just shocked him more than anything. I could see the fear and all that in his eyes.”

Dillon said he appreciates Larson, who visited him on Monday.

“I’m sure it was really scary from his point of view,” Dillon said. “He contacted me on Monday to check on me and it was very kind.

“I knew it was a mistake. Looking at (data from Larson’s machine), this is indeed a rare mistake that you wouldn’t think he would make, but we are all human. And that was what I told him, “Hey, we’re all going to make mistakes.”


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