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Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant not as close as they used to be

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Here’s a better question: How likely is Durant to retire from the Nets? His loyalty has always been more to Irving than to the organization. According to comments made by ESPN’s Nick Friedell at SportsCenter, Durant and Irving are no longer as close as they used to be. “At every step in public, [Kevin Durant] was there to support [Kyrie Irving], say we need Kairi, say Kairi can win a title with me here in Brooklyn. But I can tell you, I’ve been talking to people in the organization the last couple of weeks, when they finally sit down and talk to Kevin all summer long, they’re trying to figure out if Kevin saw what everyone else saw. … The reason the whole season was delayed was because they couldn’t count on Kairi and didn’t know if he would be there. As well as the problem with Kevin is that he really wants to win, he wants to be true to his friend. But I was told that the relationship, while very close, is not always as close as it seems.”
Source: Ricky O’Donnell @ SB Nation

What’s the news on Twitter?

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Eric Pinkus @Eric Pinkus
Last @BleacherReport Swapping three Kyrie Irving teams between the Lakers Nets Thunder could make everyone happy. I mean this is the internet and no single thing will make everyone happy. However, I’ve been digging into why this might add up…1:09 am

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Alex Kennedy @AlexKennedyNBA
What’s new about the future of Kyrie Irving? @Michael Scotto discussing it now:…23:08

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David Hardisty @clutchfans
Said @Kendrick Perkins: “It won’t be the ‘power’ that Kevin Durant ‘might’ want. He WILL want to leave if the Brooklyn Nets don’t offer Kyrie this long-term extension.” – 21:54

Zach Low @Zachlow_NBA
ICYMI: Lowe Post Podcast: Steve Kerr goes backstage at GSW title run and then @Jonathan Zhivoni everything to do with the draft/trading rumors/Kyrie/free agency, plus:

Bill Oram @billiards
In which I say – through my teeth – that the Lakers should go after Kyrie Irving if he’s really available, but only because they’ve got themselves into such a corner that they can’t afford to ask themselves the most important questions.…20:27

StatMuse @lethargy
What Kyrie needs to do to join the Lakers:
– Leave hometown
– Leave your best friend
Leave $30 million on the table
If LeBron succeeds, he will become the greatest grandmaster of all time.

Sam Quinn @Sam QuinnCBS
The Pistons could break Twitter right now by engulfing Russell Westbrook in their new cap spot.
Take first place 27/29 and help the Lakers clear the way for Kairi Imao. No Pistons fan will agree with this, but it’s tantamount to trading Grant and a seat for the top three. – 18:12

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
New @FrontOfficeShow got up! @Trevor_Lane And I’m talking about the Kyrie (Lakers???), Harden, Options (Tucker, Batum, Connaughton), the Hornets and even Jar Ruff! Watch, like and subscribe below. 18k subscribers soon!
Also, join us tomorrow night for our NBA Draft live show!

Brothers Kamenetsky @CamBrothers
I’m on @ESPNLos Angeles and/@John Ireland 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time! Talking about the Lakers, Dodgers, Gonsolin, Kyrie, NBA Draft, MANDY Awards, Rams, and then the upcoming @hulu Lakers dock and more! Listen! AK – 16:28

Rick Bucher @Rick Bucher
What’s next for the Warriors core, Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Ayton and more…15:57

David Hardisty @clutchfans
Windhorst thinks Kyrie’s affairs are basically “saber rattling” and most think he’ll be back in Brooklyn: “His ability to move to another team really doesn’t matter much. If he really threatens, he will have to refuse … and receive a salary cut of 25-30 million dollars (elsewhere).” – 15:54

Mark Stein @TheSteinLine
Breaking news about Kyrie Irving that other teams legitimately consider in the discussion, news about Jalen Brunson and PJ Tucker and much more … all this in my latest league-wide notebook, recently sent out around the world:…15:48

Jabari Davis @JabariDavisNBA
people really believe they KNOW what Kairi is thinking and planning, which is amazing to me. just precious 😂 – 15:39

Sam Quinn @Sam QuinnCBS
I will believe Kairi is taking TPMLE when I see this. I don’t deny it right away because he’s not exactly a rational actor, but I’m not ready to put any thought into it because that would be just crazy. I still think he’s re-signing with the Nets. – 15:35

Anthony Puccio @BUT WHY
I will be on @ESPNRadio during a segment from 7 to 9 pm ET to discuss all things Nets/Kyrie Irving. Customize – 15:26

Kurt Helen @talking about basketball
Report: Durant is not recruiting free agents for Brooklyn this offseason, is this related to Irving?…15:11

David Hardisty @clutchfans
Missiles if Kairi leaves and KD offers a trade

David Hardisty @clutchfans
Voy: “Kevin Durant is still closely associated with Kyrie Irving. They got back together and are still together. Durant wants Kairi back. What are the Nets at risk if Kyrie does leave: is Kevin Durant asking for a trade?
He says that Kairi’s best leverage to achieve a big deal is the pressure of the KD. – 15:06

Justin Kubatko @ykubatko
@Oklahoma City Thunder are the only franchise in NBA history to pick a future MVP in three consecutive drafts:
✅ Kevin Durant (2007)
✅ Russell Westbrook (2008)
✅ James Harden (2009)
In fact, no other franchise has even picked a future MVP in two consecutive drafts.

Sirius HM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
Reports say Kyrie Irving’s future in Brooklyn is unclear.
Former Nets executive and current ESPN NBA front office insider @Bobby Marks tells @Frank Isola as well as @Brian Scalabrine why it is beneficial for both parties to stay together #NetsWorld

Aaron Rose @AaronBenRose
If you’re the Raptors and you MUST (and could/they can’t) sign either Kyrie or Harden to the max, who would you take for luggage and all… 14:30

Austin Krell @NBAKrell
As for the report that the Nets are interested in PJ Tucker, aside from the fact that KD is reportedly not helping to recruit guys, BKN is less than $2 million below the apron assuming Kyrie and Patty Mills return.
So, they have a lot of work to do to create NTMLE for Tucker. – 14:10

Chris Broussard @Chris_Brussard
FROM @EphraimSalaam. How long should Deshawn Watson be suspended? AD/Russ to Kyrie/Simmons: Who said no? Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady and more! Guests: @martinweiss @Max_Van_Auken
Watch us live weekdays from 7 to 10 ET on @FoxSportsRadio and @iHeartRadio…14:01

StatMuse @lethargy
James Harden win % with star teammates since 2012:
78.6 – СР3
69.8 – Durant
66.7 – Embiid
65.5 – Westbrook

Adrian Voinarovsky @wojespn
To ESPN+ on Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and the sum of all the Brooklyn Nets’ fears:

Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
#Cavs Appreciate size and versatility. They need a big wing with two-way potential. Usman Dieng watches Luka Doncic, Brandon Ingram, Kevin Durant and Paul George for tips and tricks. This is a huge up game. Should Cavs accept this?…12:50

StatMuse @lethargy
The duo has the most PPGs this season:
57.3 – Kyrie and Durant
53.5 – LeBron and Davis
52.3 – LaVine and DeMar

Anthony Puccio @BUT WHY
Voy talks about Kyrie Irving’s talks from the Nets’ point of view:
1. They want to stay “disciplined” for renewal.
2. They realize they risk alienating Kevin Durant. p.m.

Bobby Marks @BobbyMarks42
Here’s a clip from the morning
Tim Legler on Kyrie Irving contract renewal: Talent is NOT enough… by using @youtube11:00 AM

Chris Mannix @SIChrisMannix
NEW @crossover Under the above /@Howard Beck: Unpacking the latest on Kyrie, the Celtics offseason, John Wall and more; draft preview with@Jeremy Wu. Links:

Zach Low @Zachlow_NBA
ICYMI: Lowe Post Podcast: Steve Kerr goes backstage for another GSW title run, then @Jonathan Zhivoni everything to do with the draft/trading rumors/Kyrie/free agency, plus:

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jody Walad @PDcavsinsider
Happy Parade Ivers, Cleveland! 6 years ago, fans filled the streets of downtown Cleveland, taking part in a half-century championship parade! @LeBron James @Kyrie Irving @ JR Smith
Photo: @H_Grove am

Kurt Helen @talking about basketball
Report: Nets-Irving stumbling block is contract length…9:00 AM

More about this plot

Why? Because Kevin Durant is his friend. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski laid it out for us in a recent report on ESPN+. If Irving leaves, there’s a chance that KD will leave too. Brooklyn doesn’t want that. “Despite everything owner Joe Tsai and general manager Sean Marks have done to assemble one of the NBA’s most talented Big Three of today, Irving’s impenetrable bond with Durant looms like a domino on the way to dismantling the roster. Brooklyn is walking the narrowest paths: staying committed to contract negotiations with Irving and supporting Durant’s desire to stay online.” -by using For victory / June 23, 2022

Voy laid out a nightmare scenario for the Nets — a dream scenario for any other team: Irving’s departure leads to a CD trade demand. Kyrie Irving’s search for leverage to negotiate his contract with the Brooklyn Nets will not be found due to the threat of a $30 million pay cut to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. but the sum of the deepest deductible…


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