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Kyrie Irving, Nets working to find a happy medium?

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Even though the Nets and Kyrie Irving’s talks stalled, both sides are still working to find a middle ground in Brooklyn, not a strategy to get out of it. Or, as a source told The Post, “what’s good for both [sides]”.
Source: Brian Lewis @ New York Post

What’s the news on Twitter?

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Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
How would Kyrie Irving fit in with the Lakers? Lots of off-season discussions with @RealAClifton and @Mike Trudell on @SpectrumSN. Tune in now

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Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
#networks Kyrie Irving remains the most likely landing site amid ‘dead end’… by using @nypostsports20:09

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StatMuse @lethargy
Games played:
103 – Kyrie, 3 seasons, Nets
104 – Looney this season

Kurt Helen @talking about basketball
Report: Nets wary of Kyrie Irving leaving over long-term deal…17:01

Ira Vinderman @IraHeatBeat
Previously – ASK THE IRA: Does Kyrie Irving have a path to the Heat?…15:59

Brothers Kamenetsky @CamBrothers
I will be on @ESPNLos Angeles and/@John Ireland from 13:00 to 16:00! Talking Lakers trade rumors (Russ, Kyrie, Nets, Hornets, Hayward, etc.), Dodgers, Gronk, Sheen family, Mandy award preview and more! Listen! AK – 15:39

Chris Broussard @Chris_Brussard
FROM @EphraimSalaam. Who has more leverage: Kyrie or the Nets? Will the Lakers go all-in on Irving? Is Steph Curry now in the top 10 of all time? & more! Guests: @John Hollinger @Adaniels33
Watch us live weekdays from 7 to 10 ET on @FoxSportsRadio and @iHeartRadio…13:48

Brian Windhorst @WindhorstESPN
New podcast. Looking at leverage on the situation with Kyrie Irving and @Kevin Pelton revisits its predictions with the big names and sleepers in this week’s draft:

Christian Winfield @a crisis
Who is the best individual talent the Nets can get in exchange for Kyrie (if we get to that point)? Sure, there are some packages, but who is the best ONE player they can bring back in a deal? – 12:20

Brothers Kamenetsky @CamBrothers
Tuesday @LockedOnLakers podcast! With all the “Kyrie to the Lakers(?)” talk, you can probably handle it. Will the Lakers go crazy if they take on World B. Flat? What are LeBron’s responsibilities here? #FirstListen @LockedOnNetwork @LockedOnNBAPods…12:20

Zach Low @Zachlow_NBA
Lowe Post Mega Podcast: Steve Kerr Goes Backstage on Golden State Title Run, Then at ~49 Minutes, @Jonathan Zhivoni dishes on all draft, Kyrie, bidding, more:

Joe Vardon @Jowardon
Wait, a Kyrie-LeBron reunion? Nothing can be ruled out about Irving, but take a close look at how things went last time,@Athletic…11:37

Ira Vinderman @IraHeatBeat
ASK THE IRA: Does Kyrie Irving have a path to the Heat?…11:20

Chris Mannix @SIChrisMannix
Column: The stalemate between Kyrie and the Nets was predictable. But the end result looks like this too…11:07

Christian Winfield @a crisis
So @mikegolicjr scolded me for wearing daddy shorts WHICH HE HAD NOT EVEN SEEN on his podcast, but I broke everything I knew/know about Kyrie Irving’s stalemate with the Nets on @GoJoShow. It penetrates deep and cuts deep. Listen:…10:59

Lowe Murray @Murray’s LawTheNU
There were some early morning events and it’s only Tuesday. Apparently, yesterday was the last day in a potential departure for Kyrie Irving from Brooklyn. I suggested last week that adding Irving would be a drastic change that the Clippers don’t need to make.…9:21 am

Jake Fisher @JakeLFisher
Gaps that can be bridged between Brooklyn and Kyrie Irving, what’s next for Charlotte after the Kenny Atkinson reversal, more notes on John Collins, Sacramento and other draft trades, all at @BR_NBA:…9:14 am

Kurt Helen @talking about basketball
Report: Kyrie Irving had a second practice session after Nash ended his final season…9:00 AM

Tom Ziller @teamziller
The biggest variable in everything that goes on between Kyrie and the Nets is how KD reacts.
The data for the last 3 years shows where this is heading, unless something has changed drastically.…8:51 am

Tim Reynolds @Tim Reynolds
For now, I expect Kairi to join LIV Golf. – 8:38 am

Jan Begley @IanBegley
Previously: Last month, people around Kyrie Irving were looking at the Knicks as a potential point guard destination if his talks with the Nets went awry; LAL has floated the idea of ​​a trade for Irving with LeBron James in the 2021/22 season: am

Ira Vinderman @IraHeatBeat
Is there a path for Kyrie Irving to the Heat? The latest “Ask Ira” on… plus more. – 8:13 am

Steve Popper @Steve Popper
Amid Kyrie hype, on a quieter path – Jaden Ivey’s potential could push Knicks into NBA draft trade… by using @News7:50 am

More about this plot

Several league sources have stated that there is a belief that this is a poker game played by Irving to trick GM Nets Sean Marks into making concessions. according to The Post on Monday. ESPN’s report on Tuesday matched that, with most in the league seeing a return to Brooklyn as the most likely end result. -by using New York Post / June 22, 2022

Brooklyn can offset up to 15 percent of Irving’s next contract — about $6 million — in “unlikely bonuses,” providing 10 times more protection than his current contract. But the sources implied that the timing of the deal was a bigger stumbling block than the money; Irving Wants Longer Deal, Nets Want Shorter. -by using New York Post / June 22, 2022

John Kravchinski: Most people in the league seem to believe that eventually Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn will sort out their stuff. -by using Spotify / June 22, 2022


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