Lamar Jackson teases upcoming interview of . . . Lamar Jackson

Three days ago, Aaron Rogers used YouTube to announce his intention to leave the Packers and play for the Jets. Soon Lamar Jackson will use YouTube for his own purposes.

Jackson teased on social media Exclusive interview with Lamar Jackson. He will appear on his youtube page.

Jackson currently operates under the tag of a non-exclusive franchise. Potential topics include whether he has heard of any interested teams, whether he is currently negotiating with the Ravens, details of any offers made by the Ravens, the terms he is seeking, whether he believes there is collusion, whether he wants play for the other team. team, whether he plans to hire an agent and/or why he will not hire a representative.

We remain hopeful that Lamar gets the best possible outcome. I continue to believe that this will only happen if he hires an agent.

As explained earlier, Bills quarterback Josh Allen ended his second contract two years ago and has made more than $41 million more than Jackson in the past two years. That money will never come back, no matter what Jackson gets in the future.

And if no other team signs him on the offer sheet, he’s looking at the prospect of playing in 2023 for $32.4 million, well below his value if he can’t complete a long-term deal with the Ravens by July 17. Deadline for signing franchise players to multi-year contracts.


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