It’s the last week of the regular season. And by the end of the holiday week, there will be inevitable migration in the labor market.

There are currently eight FBS head coach search programs, including six at the Power Five level. This raises several questions. Will there be more vacancies? Yes. Will it be as wild as the 2021 cycle, when a near-record 29 jobs were available? Probably no. However, transfers will be fast thanks to the newly opened Transfer Portal window, which opens on December 5th. Players will come and go by the hundreds, leaving no time to waste for programs that need solid guidance before the window closes on January 1st. eighteen.

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This stability will be especially true for top gigs in places like Arizona, Auburn, Colorado and Nebraska, which have been open for weeks. Fortunately for Wisconsin fans, their school has found some stability, despite Paul Christ retiring in the middle of the season. Badgers expected to nominate interim coach Jim Leonhard within a week, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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As for Auburn, it is expected that his coach will be appointed within one week. “Tigers” continue to catch several large fish, including be missLane Kiffin. The Rebels coach did not deny reports of mutual concern when asked about Saturday’s performance. Instead, he joked about his candidacy to compete with SEC West. According to Sports Talk Mississippi, Kiffin has a new contract offer from Ole Miss. But Auburn is expected to actively pursue him when the Egg Bowl against Mississippi State ends on Thanksgiving night.

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Arizonacoaching searches came to a standstill after leaving Herm Edwards. The search hasn’t made much headway in recent weeks, sources said. And to make matters worse, the program is now facing potential NCAA fines.

Georgia Institute of TechnologyThe search could go a number of ways, though coastal Carolina Jamie Chadwell is a favorite among the industry and ECU Mike Houston it is a name that has gained momentum in recent days.

It leaves Colorado as well as Nebraska like the two largest pieces on the board. The Huskers’ race for candidates is coming to an end. It doesn’t look like Matt Rule has faded into the background when it comes to Nebraska, and the former Carolina Panthers and Baylor coach is reconsidering his immediate return to the pits. This led sources to believe that Kansas Lance Leipold and Jeff Monken of the Army are names to keep an eye on in Lincoln as Rule contemplates his future.

However, the bigger question this week is whether more big jobs will emerge. In short, the answer is yes. West VirginiaX Neil Brown He looks set to be fired after director of athletics Shane Lyons was forced out of his post last week. Brown is 21-25 in four seasons and is close to finishing with the worst record of his career as the Mountaineers sit 4-7 ahead of the final season against Oklahoma State. While West Virginia is expected to wait until its new director of athletics is hired to make a decision on Brown, industry sources believe his dismissal is imminent.

While more jobs are expected on the horizon, the coaching carousel is not moving as fast as it has in the past. traffic ban as Lincoln Riley or Brian Kelly done during In the last cycle of the carousel, Power Five is not expected to experience much turnover at the top. Most top coaching moves are likely to happen in the Group of Five, so expect a couple of surprises on that front.

However, there may be some important changes with assistant coaches in the Power Five. Many believe that large coordinator vacancies can be opened in Alabama as well as Texas A&M after bad seasons. As with head coaches, the opening of the transfer portal on December 5 will also speed up departures and arrivals in this area. So, expect a fast, furious, and news-packed job market weekend after Thanksgiving.