Latest on the Jets and Derek Carr, Danny Heifetz on Daniel Jones’s Contract, Anthony Ramos on ‘Transformers,’ and Bob Parsons on PXG

(3:23) – GIANTS: Daniel Jones has changed his agent and is looking for for a hefty contract, what will the Giants do?

(07:32) – JETS: Are JETS still looking for their new starting QB, will they sign Derek Carr or wait for Aaron Rodgers to return from sabbatical?

(3:13 pm) – CALLS: Callers talking about Knicks and Yankees.

(24:34) – DANNY HEIFETZ: Bell ringerDanny Heifetz returns to discuss whether the Giants should choose Daniel Jones or Saquon Barkley and how they can improve their offseason roster.

(54:01) – ANTHONY RAMOS: Actor and New York native Anthony Ramos joins the show to talk about starting his acting career. Hamiltonits New York sports teams and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

(64:55) – ADAM VINATIERI: Legendary NFL kicker Adam Vinatieri talks about his career, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and how to help Gronk learn to kick.

(76:32) – BOB PARSONS: Tycoon Bob Parsons joins the show to talk about his military background, his love of Baltimore, golf clubs and PGX.

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Host: John Yastremsky
Guests: Danny Heifetz, Anthony Ramos, Adam Vinatieri and Bob Parsons.
Producer: Stefan Anderson

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