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LeBron’s future, overrated players and top-10 tweaks: NBArank in review


NBArank is on the roster for the 2022-23 season. How are you?

Our top five was unveiled on Friday when the Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo regained the No. 1 spot after a three-year absence. Denver Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic, Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doncic, Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid, and Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry round out the top five.

But the biggest headlines came from the bottom half of our top 10, where LeBron James (No. 6) and Kevin Durant (No. 8) suffered the most notable falls, while Ja Morant (No. 9) rose to the top tier. NBA superstars.

Following the release of the top 100 for 2022-2023, we asked our panel of NBA insiders – who were all part of the NBArank expert panel as well – to break down the countdown’s biggest surprises of what they’ll change in the top 10. , which players will outrank them and what lies ahead for LeBron.

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1. What would you change about the NBArank top 10 for 2022-23?

Kendra Andrews: I would put Steph higher in the ranking, maybe in 3rd place, and I would put Doncic and Embiid down. Looking at how Curry finished last season and how he performed for most of the regular season before the injury, it’s fair to rank him higher than he did at the start of last year. He kept the Warriors at the top of the West with injuries to Clay Thompson and Draymond Green and led them to a fourth title.

Tim Bontemps: I was surprised that Steph was fifth. He should have been second to Giannis after that ridiculous performance in the NBA Playoffs that culminated in his fourth championship in six seasons. Such a performance on the biggest sports stage should have brought him great support.

Tim McMahon: I have no serious complaints about the top 10, but I would add Curry. He was the Finals MVP, which should be the deciding factor if he’s close to a coin toss. Doncic and Embiid absolutely deserve top-five status – and it could reasonably be argued that they’ve had better regular seasons than Curry – but neither of them appears on their resumes as MVPs or in the Finals. Two-time MVP Curry will receive his fourth ring at the premiere and is still playing at the highest level.

Kevin Pelton: Add more places to the top five! Assessing the league’s best players has never been more difficult due to the frequency of injuries and the differences between regular season and playoff results. Yes, it seems inconceivable that LeBron and KD wouldn’t make the top five, but that’s easier said than actually deciding who they should replace.

Andre Snellings: I would put Rudy Gobert in the top ten. Real plus or minus (RPM) Sportzshala measures how a player’s presence on the court correlates with changes in a team’s performance. The top players on the RPM roster tend to have the most impact on the league. This is a list of top 10 RPM players from the last two seasons: Antetokounmpo, Jokic, Embiid, Curry, LeBron… and Gobert. His defensive impact is almost off the charts, and this season he’s bringing that influence to a promising Timberwolves team that needs protection the most.

2. Which non-top 50 player is most likely to make it to the top 25 next summer?

good time: Ben Simmons (No. 76). It’s easy to forget, given all the noise that surrounded him, but more recently, Simmons has been regarded as one of the best passers and most versatile defensemen in the league. If he can get back on the court with the Brooklyn Nets and help them make the playoffs with Durant and Kyrie Irving, he could easily return to the top 25 – last season he was 28th after three games in the top 20 from 2018 to 2018. 2020.

Pelton: Ben Simmons. I think it’s likely? No, but Simmons is two years behind No. 16 in the rankings and remains in his prime at age 26. If Simmons introduces another regular season All-Star, I think he has a better chance of moving up than any other singles player.

Snellings: Ben Simmons. He is clearly in the top 25 when he plays. After missing the entire 2021/22 season, it’s entirely justified that he’s dropped lower in the rankings this season. But he is still one of the most unique talents in the league, his game should pair perfectly with teammates Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and at 26 years old he clearly has realizable All-NBA potential.

Andrews: Tyrese Haliburton (No. 59). Prior to being traded, Halliburton had been successful with the Sacramento Kings. Now, with the Indiana Pacers, he is the centerpiece of their recovery and can take his game to the next level as Indiana picks the right players around him.

McMahon: Jalen Green (No. 62). There are several options selected in the 2021 draft that could make the jump. Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, and Scotty Barnes are all in the 30s, so I’ll take the Green flyer. He ended his rookie season with a stellar record, averaging 28.1 points on 62.5 shooting percentage in his last nine games, and scoring 30 or more points in six of his last seven. Green worked out at the gym over the summer to build muscle to his lean frame, which should help the explosive jumper finish around (and above) the hoop.

3. Which player will outrank the most this season?

Snellings: Lamelo Ball (No. 41). Aside from the Gobert mentioned above, I’ll be going with Ball, who has had significant success from his first season of Rookie of the Year to his All-Star sophomore campaign. Ball has always been known for his creative flair with the ball in his hands, but last season he greatly improved his positions as a general of the court, long-range shot and even a defender. His RPM score increased by nearly four points from season one to season two; If he makes that progress at age 21, he could be in the league’s top 10 by then next summer.

Andrews: Jamal Murray (No. 50). Murray has an equal chance with any player to beat his rating. As he recovers from injury, it’s hard to predict exactly how he’ll play. But before he fell in March 2021 with an ACL tear, he had a strong season. And just a few months before, he had led the Nuggets to the Bubble Finals in the West.

good time: Paolo Banchero (No. 82). He entered the draft process as the most NBA-ready player in this year’s class, and he found himself in a situation with the Orlando Magic where he had to keep the ball in his hands. This should allow him to make a big jump on this list, similar to Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley and Scotty Barnes.

Pelton: Kristaps Porzingis (No. 86). I think it was some sort of Porzingis overcorrection. If he’s healthy, Porzingis is likely to improve his three-point shooting after posting an abnormal 28% with the Mavericks before the trade deadline. Porzingis was much more effective after being traded to the Washington Wizards.

McMahon: Dorian Finney-Smith (NR). Not getting into the top 100 is a serious omission. I’d say he’s the Mavericks’ second most valuable player behind Doncic, not to mention that his 11.0 points per game last season was a career high. Finney-Smith was ranked 46th in the league in win share (6.6). He is one of the league’s elite role players, the epitome of the prototype 3-and-D, a 6-foot-8 forward who guards elite scorers in every position, shoots 39 percent from three-point range, and considers himself a role player.

4. Which player was the most overrated on the list?

McMahon: Bradley Beal (No. 19). At the risk of overreacting to one injury-riddled season, Beal’s ratings seem too high. He is no more powerful than Jaylen Brown, Donovan Mitchell, Anthony Edwards, Jrue Holiday, Zach LaVine, Brandon Ingram or Chris Middleton just to give out a few defenders/wings that are below Beal.

Snellings: Chris Paul (No. 21). Paul was one of the most powerful players in the league last season, finishing eighth in the RPM rankings, effectively surpassing his ranking in the NBA this season. But NBArank is about both quality and quantity, and at age 37, Paul can expect a decline in both. He missed an average of 23 games a season with injuries from 2016-17 to 2018-19, and then after two relatively healthy campaigns in seasons shortened by COVID-19, Paul missed 18 games in 2022-23. Paul still has a great game, but in Season 18 due to the risk of injury and/or declining performance, he is unlikely to be able to move up to his 21st place overall.

Pelton: Tyreese Maxi (No. 44). Maxi had a breakthrough in his second season, he established himself as a key figure for the Sixers, but I don’t understand why he is ahead of two players (Jarrett Allen and Darius Garland) who were in the All-Star Game when Maxi was not part of it. discussions and not significantly younger than them.

Andrews: Russell Westbrook (No. 65). Russ has lost 36 positions, but he is still the most overrated player on the list. Today’s Westbrook is a far cry from Oklahoma City’s Westbrook, and it’s unlikely that a version of it will reappear. It’s time to let go of Westbrook, who became the MVP, and start exploring who he is in the present.

good time: Lonzo Ball (No. 78). We have no idea when he will be ready this season, as he spent most of 2022 with knee problems. There are other players whose reputations probably still give them more momentum than they should – most notably Russell Westbrook – but Ball’s injury issues should have taken him off the list entirely.

5. Fact or fiction: LeBron will return to the top five players in the NBArank.

good time: Fiction. He probably won’t move up the roster as he gets older, and there’s so much talent in the league right now. But if there is anyone who is going to challenge Father Time, it will be the person who has already done it more than anyone else to set foot on the basketball court. This season, James is likely to break what was once considered the all-time record – Kareem…

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