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Letters to Sports: Big Ten defection by UCLA, USC infuriates readers

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Southern California linebacker Christian Rector, left, works against UCLA linebacker Sean Ryan, 74, during the second half of an NCAA college football game on Saturday, November 23, 2019, in Los Angeles.  (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
USC linebacker Christian Rector tries to get past UCLA offensive lineman Sean Ryan. Sports programs Trojans and Bruins will move out of Pac-12 into the Big Ten in 2024. (Associated Press)

Thank you UCLA/USC – no way. Thank you for leaving us alone. Thank you for being greedy and not caring about your partners. We will remember this the next time we meet. We look forward to seeing you on New Year’s Eve at the Rose Bowl so we can give you a proper “thank you”.

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From a longtime UCLA alumnus and Pac-12 supporter.

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Terry Feigenbaum

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I’ve been a UCLA fan since the days of Red Sanders. However, I need to borrow a grim club from Dylan Hernandez for a moment. University of California at Los Angeles barely competitive in the Pac-12. Moving into the big ten means the program will be mediocre at best (0.500). That will be the price to pay for saving the sports department from the Reds.

Dave Snyder

Grand Terrace


Oh good. The only thing missing from USC’s rich football heritage, whose games date back to 1888, is snow.

Steve Ross

Carmel by the sea


The fact that Pac-12 was taken by surprise USC and UCLA Decision to Move to the Big Ten will tell you everything you need to know about how incompetent the leadership of the once-grand conference has become.

Harriet Octavian



The “Big Ten”, which includes 14 teams, has long been misnamed and should change it to “Sweet Sixteen”.

Jack Wishard



the almighty dollar wins againUSC and UCLA join LIV Tour.

Kevin Flynn

Simi Valley

no options at all

Forty seven million. Yes, you see it right. That’s how much Russell Westbrook decided to sign up per. Like he’s testing the free agency market instead? I don’t blame any player for taking these crazy amounts. Who wouldn’t take it? The Clippers signed a guy who was paid $31 million last season. To stay at home! Owners can do this because our addiction to sports is not curtailed by the ever-increasing costs of viewing or attending. At some point, we all decided that in fact the only thing we would spend uncontrollably on was sports. No schools, no charities, no faith. We have indeed lost our compass.

Jeff Heister



When Westbrook completed the last year of his $47 million contract, the Lakers became the Titanic, and Westbrook was their iceberg.

Vaughn Hardenberg



I, too, was shocked to see Russell Westbrook sell his player option for a measly $47 million.

David Marshall

Santa Monica


What exactly did Russell Westbrook do to deserve such personal insults directed at him by Times Sports columnists like Dylan Hernandez? Calling Westbrook “mindless” in his Sunday column Claiming that the Lakers should buy Kyrie Irving is just mean and wrong. To criticize Westbrook’s play is one thing, but to call him a “cement head” is to criticize his intellect, and the Times has no place for that. Westbrook deserves an apology.

George Legg

Rolling Hills Estates

Dodgers blues

Was Freddie Freeman exiled to a life underground to wander the desert alone forever? No, he was paid millions to play in a beautiful stadium, mostly in fine weather, in front of huge crowds at every game. Oh, and for the eternal rival. I think he needs to apologize to his current teammates for making them feel like second class citizens compared to his beloved Bravas.

Steve Briseno

Mission Viejo


Okay, we get it, you were forced to sign a $162,000,000 contract, move out of the city you liked to play the game… so now put on your big boy pants and learn to handle it.

Rob Vance



Clayton Kershaw, Your comments about the “second violin” embarrass.

I’m guessing that with everything you spent back in IL, there was nothing left for you to do but scold Freeman, the guy who plays every day, and the fan base that showed nothing but love and support for the fact that who gave them 12 wonderful years. This should be welcomed, not criticized.

In this day and age when families of professional athletes cannot go to stadiums and are subjected to verbal and physical harassment, your criticism of how they supported Freeman and his obvious love for the Braves organization and fan base shows that you have a complete lack of leadership.

George Sagadensky


Not so angelic

An important part of my sporting enjoyment requires the participants to constantly display sportsmanship. Without sportsmanship, there is no sport…only big brainless thugs who think they impress their peers or fans.

The last thing the world needs right now is to watch a bunch of “professional” baseball players fight in the middle of a baseball field in front of the children. How does a parent explain to their baseball-loving kids that it’s inappropriate to fight over a sporting event when the kids see their favorite baseball idols act like thugs?

Anyone can act like a bandit. Bandit is not a cool guy. A real “tough guy” will try to impress his peers and fans by hitting a two-out home run in the bottom of the ninth when the other team throws a baseball at their best player. The Angels’ and Seattle Mariners’ lack of discipline and sportsmanship could be an indicator of why these teams are more than 10 games behind the top spot.

Russell D. Beecher

Canyon Lake


So last Sunday’s Angels game featured West Side Story, which turned the Angels and the Sailors into the Jets and the Sharks. Perhaps they should have shown the ending of “The Naked Gun”, where after the brawl all the players hug and solve their problems professionally. How are we supposed to stop the rising tide of violence and teach our children how to behave like a civilized society and not like barbarians when things like this happen.

Craig London

woodland hills


Looks like firing Joe Maddon wasn’t Angel’s decision. Just kicked an inept can down the street.

Lee Ables

palm desert

good mileage

Are you kidding me. Sydney McLaughlin breaks the world record in the 400m hurdles and it’s on page 8. What happened to athletics in Southern California? Where are the Coliseum and Compton relays, great events in the Bush area at UCLA. Now all the good stuff about athletics is in Eugene, Oregon. Television will in no way replace personal presence there. Pay tribute to Sidney’s great run.

David Simon

North Hollywood


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