NASHVILLE, Tenn. — With coaches from Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson among many others in attendance at Lipscomb Academy’s college showcase Monday night, one of the major standouts was a prospect who has only played his current position for a few months. CJ Jimcoily is a 2025 defensive back who impressed in coverage as a cornerback and could also play safety at the next level thanks to his 6-foot-2 1/2, 190-pound frame.

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Jimcoily already holds offers from Michigan, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Boston College and others. With three years to learn his way in the secondary, Jimcoily figures to emerge as a highly rated prospect in the 2025 class once 247Sports’ evaluators release their rankings for the group. Jimcoily said he has steadily improved his work ethic and understanding of what it takes to compete at a reigning state champion high school program that features multiple Power Five-caliber defensive back prospects.

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“Since I got into high school, getting into the rhythm of things, playing hard, those are (important) things,” Jimcoily told 247Sports. “But it’s more the work ethic. Going from receiver to cornerback in a year, it’s a big change. But the work ethic still carries on, and I’ve been just working, trying to learn wherever I can. It has carried over. “

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“Right now I’ve been trained a lot as a corner, but I know I’m capable of playing safety if I get into the room and learn about it. But right now I’m looking at playing corner when I go to college ,” Jimcoily added.

From a size perspective, Jimcoily already looks the part of a top defensive back prospect. Even at nearly 6-foot-3, Jimcoily showed the ability to match the Mustangs’ wide receivers stride for stride downfield with multiple clean pass break-ups during 11-on-11 action in pads. Jimcoily is not afraid to deliver big hits, either, and has the frame to do so.

Jimcoily should have no trouble adjusting to safety if that is where his eventual program of choice prefers him. Although 247Sports does not have verified athletic testing measurements for Jimcoily, he appears to have all of the physical tools to thrive within a high-level Power Five defense as he continues to learn his position. Jimcoily said that he wanted to put his ability to process feedback on display in front of college coaches on Monday — Ohio State defensive coordinator Jim Knowles was among the big names on the sidelines.

“Today I wanted to show that I’m big, I’m physical, I can learn after a mistake and go back and correct it within the same one or two plays,” Jimcoily said.

Although Jimcoily already holds eight offers, that list is going to expand plenty over the next three years. Jimcoily could have his pick of successful Power Five programs and said he will look at each school’s environment once he starts taking visits.

“Of course the history on the football team, I like to look at that,” Jimcoily said. “I haven’t been on any visits yet, but I would like to go see how the community is. Because I will be playing football, but I have to go down (and live) at the school and whatnot. So go check out the community, see if it’s welcoming.Then of course the football program is hard-working, they’re gonna push us, teach us things, and get us to the next level after that.So that’s kind of what I’m looking forward to when I look at colleges.”