Last weekend I had the opportunity to see Arizona’s top talent battle each other. In this match you had players like Chandler Basha and Tucson Salpoint. I. In the game, you had a lot of leads in cycles 23 and 24, including offers from Alabama, All Miss, Georgia, USC, and Oregon. The game ended with a 46-14 victory for the Basha Bears. Here are the scout notes from the game.

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-Salpointe’s Elijah Rushing the 2023 top 247 prospect had a night in which he constantly double-teamed and blocked chips. That hasn’t stopped him from impressing with his efforts, engine and production. He did a good job playing with his hands and showing a good level of pads. He used many different passing techniques that resulted in numerous holding penalties and put enough pressure on the opposing team’s backfield throughout the game by adding a sack. Rushing has also shown excellent maneuverability for a man of his size and stature. The next step in his game will be in the gym, as he continues to increase his upper body strength in the future, this will only make him a complete player. Playing both left and right in an odd front defence, Rushing did a good job establishing an advantage in the running game, finishing with 7 tackles.

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-Basha Senior Top247 CB Cole Martin (Oregon Commit) performed very well that evening, showing a productive return game both on the punt and at the start. He demonstrated explosive speed and vision worth 100 yards of return. Moreover, a couple of times he was 1 step away from passing the distance. Defensively, he played both corner and nickelback. He is very instinctive and adapts very well to press coverage where he read quarterbacks’ eyes to get and intercept the ball early in the game. Martin also played well in the running game where he fumbled the ball. In one night he had 7 tackles, 1 int, 1 fumble and 92 return yards.

-Basha junior Top247 at. Miles Lockhart lined up in the opposite corner from Martin, and although he was not often tested, he still shone with very good athletic ability and speed. He’s a guy who physically looks the part, and during testing, he tackled the ball with 4 tackles in the evening.

-Basha Junior Top247 QB Demond Williams Jr played very well at night, showing excellent elusiveness in the open field. He has shown that he can lengthen the game with his feet while keeping his eyes on the field in order to make precise accurate passes to his receivers. With above-average hand strength, he was able to show whether he was rolling left or right that he had more than enough hand talent to play with. Despite not being the largest in size, when he turned into a ball carrier he had no problem finding contact. Williams was composed and effective throughout the game, going 16-23 for 200 yards, 2 touchdowns, 7 carries and 66 yards in 3 quarters of the night’s work.

Other notes

Basha ’23 lineman attack James Duran fits well into the shape of what Wisconsin has become known for through the development of the offensive line.

Basha’23 Wyatt Milkovich (Boise State Committee) – This is the player in the middle, who appeared all over the field all evening. Finished with 21 tackle and 3 trillion.