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Live updates: Sunday’s Under Armour Dallas Regional

ARLINGTON, Texas. Under Armor’s annual All-American Tour continues Sunday at Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. Camp officials expect the all-star lineup to include a very large contingent from Texas, as well as talent from nearby states such as Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and even Mississippi.

Some of the top leads from multiple positions in the 2024 Top247 are expected to converge on the DFW Metroplex. Five Star Defender Coby Black and #2 running back Taylor Tatum represent the two expected headliners, as do the elite recipients Drelon Miller And Bryant Vesco (Not to mention 2025. Dacorien Moore).

The Lone Star Staff has produced countless quarterbacks over the past couple of decades, and there’s sure to be plenty of talent in the position on Sunday. The expected list of QB competitors includes players such as Top247 Top 40 Prospect. DJ Lagway (fixation in Florida), member of Top247 Michael Hawkins, Marcos Davila (make a commit) Trey Owens (Texas commit) Will Hammond (Texas Tech Commitment), Hauss Haney (Duke commits), and Mabry Mettauer (Wisconsin commit) in the class of 2024. Kelden Ryan And Kevin Sperry are a couple of promising 2025 QB prospects that are expected to compete.

The Sunday camp schedule is tentatively around 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The morning begins with groups of attacking and defensive lines going through registration, measurements, combined style testing, and then working on a specific position until late in the morning. The staggered schedule then results in linebackers and running backs starting around 10:30 a.m., followed by quarterbacks, wide receivers and defensemen, typically from 11:30 a.m. to noon.

Possible accession to the above Coby Black there are four-star recruits in the absolutely loaded DB group in Xavier Filsaime, Aaron Flowers, Zelman Bridges, Corian Gipson, Miles DavisAnd This is Bowen, as well as numerous high three-star prospects. But the front seven won’t be superfluous with the Top247 D-linemen. Nigel Smith II And Dylin Evans (Texas A&M), Top247 Advantage Dakyus Brinkleyand growing fixation LSU Ahmad Broamong many others.

Offensive tackle Top247 Blake Ivy leads a deep O-line group, which includes talented players in Chinese police, Daniel Cruz, Holton Hendrix (Texas Tech Commitment) and New Solutions Tobias Stepps, one of the most intriguing linemen to come under our radar in the past few weeks. Seeing Which Group of Positions Get Elite Prospects for East Texas Athletes Terry BussyTop247 Top 100 prospect and Top247 member with four stars Irene Hampton should be interesting since both can go WR or DB. Another member of East Texas Top247, Derrick McFall can also correspond to several different groups of positions.

Under Armor’s all-American tour began two weeks ago in the Atlanta metro area, and last week they headed south to the Orlando area. After Sunday’s event at the DFW Metroplex, the tour continues April 2 in Los Angeles, followed by Columbus, Ohio on May 7 and Baltimore on May 14.

Stay tuned for the Under Armor Dallas Regional Sunday event by following the instructions below. We will be on site to see as many potential clients as possible and provide information on top performers after the camp.


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