Liverpool owner says commitment ‘stronger than ever’

Liverpool boss John Henry insists his commitment to the Premier League club is stronger than ever, vowing to continue to “invest prudently” in the transfer market.

The 73-year-old American, head of Fenway Sports Group (FSG), denied last month that the club was up for sale despite seeking new investment.

In November, the FSG said it would “consider the issue of new shareholders if it is in the best interests of Liverpool as a club”.

This sparked speculation that the 19-time English champions were on the market alongside rivals Manchester United.

But Henry told the Liverpool Echo that FSG has a long-term vision for a club that has won the Champions League and Premier League in recent years under Jurgen Klopp.

“While we have formalized the process for identifying potential investors for the club, we remain fully committed to the long-term success of the club,” said Henry Echo.

“It’s been that way since day one in 2010. Our daily efforts have been and continue to be focused on the club’s long-term health and competitiveness.”

Liverpool, who were close to an unprecedented quad win last season, showed signs of resurgence after a poor season, thrashing rivals Manchester United 7-0 on Sunday.

FSG has been criticized in some quarters for its lack of spending, but Henry suggested that Liverpool would not follow the lead of clubs like Chelsea, who have spent hundreds of millions of pounds on players over the past year.

“Investing in a club is never short-term. “This approach has been successful for a long time and patience has been required at times.

“We have seen many football clubs go down an unsustainable path. We have and will continue to focus on making smart investments in the transfer market and we continue to be incredibly proud of our team.”

Henry also pointed to the investment in Anfield club’s training facilities and stadium.

“With regard to Liverpool Football Club, our commitment remains stronger than ever,” he said.



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