LOOK: Justin Thomas breaks from 2023 WM Phoenix Open to interview Patrick Mahomes, other Super Bowl 57 stars

With Super Bowl 57 on Sunday in nearby Glendale, Justin Thomas took a break from the WM Phoenix Open this week to move on to a potential spin-off media appearance. Thomas attended Super Bowl Media Day and asked many of the players how they are feeling ahead of Sunday’s big game.

The first was Patrick Mahomes, whom Thomas asked about an ankle injury. However, JT was curious if this would affect the number of hits Mahomes is asking for in the offseason; Mahomes is a good player with a clear handicap.

“I won’t let an ankle injury affect my punching, but I heard Aaron [Rodgers] let something dampen his punches at Pebble Beach,” said Mahomes. – I just heard it secondhand, I’m not saying that. But he won, so I’ll give it to him.”

Mahomes, of course, was referring to the fact that Rodgers won the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am last week. with a disability that may have been a little suspicious.

Thomas also asked Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts if he considers Oklahoma or Alabama his college. Thomas, a former Bama player, also bragged about the number of Tide players in the NFL.

Thomas, like everyone else in the Phoenix Open this week, is hoping he won’t get the chance to head to the Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon. This means that he will play last in the fourth round and will carry out his duties as tournament champion this week. If Thomas And After the Chiefs’ victory, Thomas said that he and Mahomes agreed to go to Las Vegas together.

Not that it really needed to, but the Phoenix Open seems to have seen a surge in popularity and viewership due to the Super Bowl being held nearby this week.

“I think it was a planned event before we even knew what it would be,” said tournament favorite Jon Ram. “No matter what wallet you have, this tournament will be what it is. Very few sporting events in the world can comfortably take place in the same week as the Super Bowl and still have the same impact as this.”

Let the party begin.


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