Louisville signee Kaleb Glenn has optimism towards the future

Highest-ranked Louisville prospect in his senior class Caleb Glenn Maintains constant contact with staff.

Glenn, who is originally from Louisville, has been on campus several times this year and recently staff came to see him at La Lumiere.

“So far my relationship with the staff has been good,” he said. “I especially managed to build a relationship with the coach Kenny PayneCoach Nolan and Danny Manning. I was in September, went to the game in December, and a couple of weeks ago they came to La Lumiere. Since doing this, I have gotten to know them more off the court. I already know what they can do on the court.”

“I was there for a football game in September and unofficially in December since I was at home in Louisville. They were playing Lipscomb that weekend and I just came to the game to hang out with them.”

At this point in the season, Louisville is finally in the ACC with a 3-22 record. As the program struggles, Glenn is confident that things will change next season.

“My main thing is to come and work hard,” he said. “I want to help create the culture Coach Kenny wants so we can change it with the talent we have. My goal is to get back into the conversation about the tournament.”

“For this, we need to bring it every day, be tough, physical and not back down from anyone. We need to bring it back to what Louisville basketball was like in the past.”

Glenn also harbors optimism based on two recruiting classes: he and Curtis Williams Jr

“Curtis and I are close and we talk all the time,” he said. “We knew each other before we went to Louisville playing AAU in high school.”

“I think we will make the team better because we both bring different things to the game. He is more like a defender/forward who can handle the ball, shoot and be accurate. I’m more like a striker who does his best, who rebounds, plays defense, passes, scores and brings toughness.”

Moving forward, Glenn has one name he would like to see in Louisville as a junior.

“In 2024 I would like to see Trentin Flowers vouch for us. He’s in charge.”


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