Lowe’s 10 things: Diagnosing Boston, Giannis dishing early and the two-way superstardom of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

In this week’s 10 things, we’ll cover trends at the top of the East, two MVP favorites, a true Oklahoma City superstar, a rising top pick, and more.

1. When Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Milwaukee Bucks Get Into Action, It’s Early

The Indiana Pacers somehow beat the Milwaukee on Thursday, but the most important overall trend lines are up. The Bucks have effectively tied for fifth place in points for possession since Feb. 1. Their half-court offense ranks 4th on that stretch according to Clearing the Glass.

We know Milwaukee’s defense is impenetrable around the basket; it’s probably the league’s best defense at full throttle, although the Cleveland Cavaliers have a chance. We know that the Bucks are huge and mean and that they will intimidate everyone in paint and glass. Their attack on half the court was their only real uncertainty in the last half century. When it works, they win.

Most of this season, he cracked. The easiest thing to do was wait for Chris Middleton, the most important ball handler in the Bucks. Middleton isn’t quite back yet – he doesn’t seem to be that high in his jumper yet – but he’s on his way. In his absence, Jrue Holiday took on more ball handling duties and reached a new, vicious level of confidence in his step back 3.


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