Lowe’s 10 things: LA’s gamble on Westbrook, Chicago’s woeful offense, and the meaning of a high five

This week’s 10 Things is about gambling in LA, harsh underhanded security guards, a terrible season in Chicago, and the meaning of high-five.

1. Clippers bet on Russell Westbrook

The day after the trade deadline — after renewing the roster but not finding that coveted “traditional” point guard — Lawrence Frank, president of basketball operations for the Clippers, described the point guard the Clippers wanted. The player will defend and operate in an ecosystem where Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will have the ball “60% of the time” – meaning the point guard in question would be a good shooter.

They have now signed Westbrook, and Clippers coach Tyrone Liu is talking about getting the ball into Westbrook’s hands – even when Leonard and George are on the floor – much more than the fictional scenario Frank described. A sip.

Clippers some the need for Westbrook’s theoretical powers. They are 20th in drives and tied for 23rd in rim shots. They didn’t generate as many triples as they did in past seasons. Westbrook has more shooting than the Lakers without a laser.

But I’m not sure these needs are so obvious; that Westbrook’s strengths are the same as they were two or three seasons ago; or that this re-engineered compound is designed to easily fit Westbrook.


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