Lowe’s 10 things: the Knicks’ shocking subplot, Ja Morant’s 3-pointer, and … what if the Bucks never lose again?

The trade deadline is over, it’s time to focus on pure basketball! This week’s 10 Things features the fast-paced Bucks, the blazing Knicks, one weak defense, a fun newbie and more.

1. Big Bad Milwaukee Bucks

So, umm, what if the Bucks never lose again?

Milwaukee won 16 straight games to take the top spot overall, and if the Bucks win Saturday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers, they’ll have a good chance of extending the streak to 20 games before hitting the road. Remember: The Bucks took home court advantage in the second round against the Boston Celtics last season, losing to everyone in game 82. They lost game 7 in Boston and regretted it.

Their offense isn’t quite ready for the playoffs just yet — not with Chris Middleton, who is still coming off the bench, barely playing the rest of the Milwaukee trio — but hell with that defense. Milwaukee stormed out to first place in points per possession, and the Bucks may look unbeatable at full throttle.


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