LPGA Tour announces change in tournament cut sizes starting in March

LPGA Tour is reducing its share.

The previously top 70 and tie, 36-hole cut in LPGA tournaments will now be the top 65 and tie in full-scale tournaments, the tour announced Wednesday.

This change was made in close collaboration with the LPGA Player Directors and will be implemented at the LPGA Drive On Championship from March 23 to 26, the first 72-hole full-screen, shortened tournament of the 2023 LPGA season.

“This new regulation, now more aligned with other professional golf organizations, will help ensure a manageable course size beyond 36 holes,” Tommy Tangtifaibuntana, LPGA senior vice president of tour operations, said in a press release. “This change will increase the chances of one-shirt play on the weekend and help establish a faster pace of play to enhance the LPGA tournament experience.”

The PGA Tour also dropped its top 70 and ties lineup to 65 best and ties in 2019.


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