Man City mailbag: Will they be relegated? What will happen to them?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Paul Pogba are Premier League champions. So are Brendan Rodgers and Steven Gerrard. Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool may be in trouble right now, but can they be blamed? They have won three of the last five Premier League titles. It’s pretty wild that Everton and West Ham are finally able to break into the top four as well.

None of this is true – yet – which raises some questions about the nature of truth itself. But I guess that’s what happens when the most dominant team in the most competitive league in the world’s most popular sport is accused of 115 different rule violations over a nine-year period.

The scale of the Premier League charges announced against Manchester City on Monday is unprecedented, as is the scale of the possible outcome. Everyone has questions, so there’s no better way to answer some of them than with a city-style mailbag!

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Let’s move on to your questions.


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