Manchester City vs Aston Villa live: score and latest updates from the Premier League

city ​​- Getty Images/Ryan Pierce
city ​​- Getty Images/Ryan Pierce


Gundogan scores second for City


Half time: Manchester City 3 Aston Villa 0

The whistle went off just as Villa sniffed City’s box for the first time in a long time. City have not shown a flawless game, but buoyed by the fighting spirit of the week, they are dictating the game.

Rodri - Getty Images/Simon Stackpool
Rodri – Getty Images/Simon Stackpool


45+2 min: Manchester City 3 Aston Villa 0

Grealish, you are the devil. A mild but justifiable punishment, fashioned into moves Ramsey hopes he won’t fall for again.


TARGET!! Manchester City 3 Aston Villa 0

Haaland tries a penalty, but is refused: it must be executed by Mahrez. He only pouts for a moment before his teammate sends the World Cup winner the wrong way and stretches the net!


44 min: Manchester City – Aston Villa – 0

Grealish takes a deft penalty as he runs into the box, pursued by Ramsey. Ramsey naively clings to the game, and City are already on the verge of a third before the break.


42 min: Manchester City – Aston Villa – 0

Dias receives a warning for interfering with the referee’s decision-making process as Robert Jones heads towards the downed De Bruyne. Jones is surrounded by the crowd and when Diaz is third, he gets the card.

Despite this, City have a free kick in front of D, which hits the wall.


TARGET!! Manchester City 2 Aston Villa 0

Gundogan’s next after Haaland’s powerful setup! The Norwegian runs like a labrador chasing a long ball that the Villa defender slips due to a miss. Instead of hitting the ball unhindered, he shoots right through the net and lets his teammate hit the ball.

Gundogan - Reuters/Phil Noble
Gundogan – Reuters/Phil Noble


37 min: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Walker pairs with Rodri for a smart play on the right. As the Spanish midfielder makes a right serve to Mahrez, Ding knocks Mahrez down. As a reward, he receives the first yellow card of the match, and City have a tempting free kick to the right of the penalty area.

De Bruyne takes the ball and Rodri hits with a header, but under pressure from Camara puts the ball out of play.


35 minutes: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Bailey jumps to his feet like a foal, but immediately runs when the game resumes.


33 min: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

“Villa” now looks stronger, delving into the game. Now they’re capitalizing on Walker’s mishandling the ball to an energetic Bailey. He runs for the goal before Diaz knocks him down.

Diaz tackles the ball well, but Bailey stays down and stops as usual on the field.

Bailey - Reuters/Phil Noble
Bailey – Reuters/Phil Noble


31 min: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Rodri sends a sliding ball to De Bruyne, who happily picks it up from the right and runs towards Haaland just north of the penalty area. Konsa hits the ball well and takes a goal kick.


29 minutes: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Rodri moves on to De Bruyne, who puts on a midfield magic that moves past the Villa players who look stuck in quicksand. After Kamara makes a mistake, he passes the ball to Grealish on the left, who has a nice try that goes wide.

City can’t do much with the corner and after Silva slips the ball, Villa try to counterattack quickly. However, they can only pass to the right before colliding with the bullish Kyle Walker.


27 min: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Rodri intercepts Digne’s pass across the field, and City again drives Villa into their own half of the field. Young blocks the initial run down the left flank and when they try again, Luis knocks Gundogan down to give City a free kick.

The ball falls awkwardly into the box; amid vague cries of handball, but Var intervenes without incident.


24 min: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Bailey rushes forward through the middle of City’s half of the field, piercing through the defense. His side pass to Luis was blocked for a corner, which Camara successfully converted. He relays this to Buendía, who jumps head first, but his strength cannot match his intentions.


22 min: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

City can get even closer with a second corner and it’s only by the grace of God that Haaland hits the crossbar. Now the villa looks too dreamy.


20 minutes: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Another great chance for City: De Bruyne’s scrap from the right gives a corner. The Belgian tosses the ball to Grealish to knock him out of the center of the box, but the ball deflects to another angle. There is a short check by War as the ball could have touched Chambers’ hand, but no penalty was awarded.


18 minutes: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Mahrez receives the ball from the right and hesitantly waits for a direct shot from De Bruyne into the box, but his pass is untimely and the ball goes out of play.

The next time he goes on the attack, Mahrez is defeated by Ding, who drops City into their half.

Mahrez - Shutterstock/Adam Vaughan
Mahrez – Shutterstock/Adam Vaughan


16 minutes: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

City are in complete control of the situation, playing almost at ease, preparing for the next attack. A long pass is sent to Grealish deep left, but Ding knocks him down.


13 minutes: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Walker sends a long search ball the length of the field to Haaland on the run. Chambers tracked it down in a box to no avail and he lost it only to run into Martinez.

Martinez jumps for the ball and puts gloves on it, but Gundogan picks up the lost ball and scores. However, they did not give only a foul against City for a somewhat involuntary collision of Haaland.

Martinez – Reuters/Jason Cairnduff
Martinez – Reuters/Jason Cairnduff


11 minutes: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

Watkins pushes the ball forward into the box, but his pass ends with a sloppy kick behind a defender who returns the ball to City.

They have a great chance after Gundogan slips past Chambers to catch a sprint ball and he clears it past Martinez to jump to the left of the net. Martinez barely has time to touch to save Villa from blushing.

Martinez – Reuters/Phil Noble
Martinez – Reuters/Phil Noble


9 minutes: Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

The Villa looks like they’ve had the stuffing knocked out of them. They hold on to the property in their own half, but like sharks, the City Circle looks like it can smell blood in the water.


First Premier League?

This is the first ever banner dedicated to a member legal protection of the club?

pannik - Reuters/Phil Noble
pannik – Reuters/Phil Noble


TARGET!! Manchester City 1 Aston Villa 0

City hit the ground running effectively, and as Grealish took a corner, Rodri saw him sprint to the near post as he skillfully grabbed the ball and headed it past a confused Martinez.

A goal scored by Rodri pumps up the roar of the fans – City are playing purposefully today.


3 min: Manchester City 0 Aston Villa 0

Dias passes the ball to Rodri, who puts in Mahrez, and City start circling over Villa’s box. Grealish crosses the cross but Martinez comes forward and hands the ball away.

Diaz’s next move is to send a perfectly weighted diagonal ball over the field to Grealish whose first touch is good, but Villa’s defense struggle sends the ball to a corner.


2 min: Manchester City 0 Aston Villa 0

Villa make an early break, Watkins passes Walker, who does not look very confident, and wins a quick corner. He jumps over the pack quite wide and Vilja can’t cast much of it. With City in possession of the ball, Villa concede a free kick after a Gundogan is cracked open.


Kick off: Manchester City 0 Aston Villa 0

After the players got on their knees to mark the No Racism Weekend, they traveled to Manchester.


Before the beginning

A minute of applause in memory of the passing of Tudor Thomas, President Emeritus of the City, who passed away this week at the age of 94.

For the most part, this is well watched, with the exception of a short exclamation shortly before it ends. The whistle blows as we will be on our way in a few minutes.


Crowd at Etihad

… in full voice, and the chant of “We have Guardiola” echoes across the ground as the two teams exit the tunnel.

The volley of the Premier League anthem sounds a lot louder than that, however, as fans express their feelings about the organization in the wake of this week’s accusations.

Walker is back and doesn’t need to change starting lineup after the warm-up break.

banner - Reuters/Phil Noble
banner – Reuters/Phil Noble


Warm-up completed

Haaland – Reuters/Jason Cairnduff
Haaland – Reuters/Jason Cairnduff
ft - Reuters/Jason Cairnduff
ft – Reuters/Jason Cairnduff
Martinez – Reuters/Phil Noble
Martinez – Reuters/Phil Noble
Coutinho – Reuters/Phil Noble
Coutinho – Reuters/Phil Noble


Unai Emery talking to SSN

On the absence of Tyrone Ming in the line-up:

He has a small injury and he tried to be – but he is not ready for this match. He is resting and hopefully will be back next week.

On launching Calum Chambers instead of him for the first time since August:

He trains every day with a very good mood.

He knows how we want to play […] I think we can believe in him.

On Villa’s impressive away form:

Of course, we want to play consistently at home and away, but the trip was our first priority. Before my arrival, we did not have good performances, but today it is a big challenge.


News from Etihad

Kyle Walker was unable to complete the warm-up and left the field. There is no word yet on whether he will be unable to start, but with 15 minutes left before kick-off, this could be cause for concern.


Later addition to the bench for Villa

Villa’s new Colombian striker is named as a substitute after being initially disqualified; Duran came late against Southampton in his first game for the club last week.


Guardiola: Sergio Aguero’s moment cannot be taken away from us

Guardiola clearly feels that City has already been found guilty in the eyes of many – and even sarcastically…


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