March Madness 2023: Games, scores, schedule, times and TV channels for NCAA women’s tournament Day 1

Madness has come. The NCAA Women’s Tournament kicks off Friday with the first round, with three No. 1 seeds in the game. The ESPN family of networks will broadcast the entire tournament, culminating in the national championship game on April 2 on ABC. For a deeper dive into Friday’s list, check out our guide to what to watch.

Friday NCAA Tournament Schedule

No. 8 South Florida vs. No. 9 Marquette at 11:30 am (ESPN2)
No. 7 Arizona vs. No. 10 West Virginia Noon (ESPN)
No. 7 Florida State vs. No. 10 Georgia, 1:30 pm (ESPN2)
No. 1 South Carolina vs. No. 16 Norfolk State, 2:00 pm (ESPN)
No. 2 Maryland vs. No. 15 Holy Cross, 2:30 pm (ESPNews)
No. 6 Michigan vs. No. 11 UNLV, 3:00 pm (ESPNU)
Notre Dame No. 3 vs. No. 14 Southern Utah 3:30 pm (ESPN2)
No. 2 in Iowa vs. No. 15 in SE Louisiana, 4:00 pm (ESPN)
#1 Virginia Tech vs #16 Chattanooga 5:30 pm (ESPNU)
No. 3 LSU vs. No. 14 Hawaii 5:30 pm (ESPN2)
No. 6 Creighton vs. No. 11 Mississippi State 6:00 pm (ESPNews)
No. 2 Utah vs. No. 15 Gardner Webb, 7:30 pm (ESPNU)
No. 1 Stanford vs. No. 16 Sacred Heart, 7:30 pm (ESPN2)
No. 8 USC vs. No. 9 South Dakota, 8:00 pm (ESPNews)
No. 8 Ole Miss vs. No. 9 Gonzaga, 10:00 pm (ESPNU)
No. 7 NC State vs. No. 10 Princeton 10 p.m. (ESPN2)

Follow all the events of Friday March Madness

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