Mariners’ struggles continue as they blow nine-run lead in loss to Royals

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The Seattle Mariners have the longest playoff drought in North America’s major professional men’s sports, as we all know. It was 2001 when the Mariners made the playoffs for the last time. They were in good or even great shape throughout the second half, sitting in the wild position.

However, now they really do not make things easier.

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With Sunday’s loss, the Mariners have lost seven of their last 10 games. All this happened in conditions of lower competition. They lost three of four to the Angels, two of three to the A’s, and two of three to the Royals. They also lost Julio Rodriguez to a back injury.

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Sunday’s loss to the Royals was also unprecedented. Midway through the sixth inning, the Mariners were leading 11-2. It’s not far from seeing a position player take a mountain for an opponent.

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Instead, the Mariners coughed up 11 runs in one inning with the Royals. ELEVEN! Motion picture frames:

The inning actually started with a strikeout. Then came the walk, home run, walk, walk, singles, fielder’s choice (yes, there were two outs and only three runs up to this point), double walk, walk, single walk, single walk, double walk, singles with runner. thrown to bases. That’s 11 runs in just six hits.

This is a total disaster for Seattle. There really is no way around this.

11 runs in one half is a franchise record, and it last happened on May 28, 2000. according to Shannon Dryer.

If there’s anything like good news for the Mariners, it’s that the Orioles lost, so the Mariners maintain a four-game lead for the AL’s third wild card. In addition, the Mariners have a weak remaining schedule. Every remaining game is played in Seattle, where the Mariners get the Rangers for three, the A’s for three, and the Tigers for four.

It would be awfully difficult to lead four games with 10 games left, especially with such a favorable schedule, but it’s pretty hard to lose an 11-2 lead in one inning, and the Mariners just pulled it off.


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