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Mateusz Gamrot vs. Arman Tsarukyan full fight video highlights

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Watch the full fight video of Mateusz Gamrot and Arman Tsarukyan from the main event of UFC Vegas 57 provided by the UFC.

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UFC Vegas 57 took place on June 25 at the UFC APEX tournament in Las Vegas. Lightweight title contenders Mateusz Gamroth and Arman Tsarukyan fought in a five-round bout that aired live on ESPN and ESPN+. Below you will find more videos with the best moments.

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To learn more about Gamrot and Tsarukyan, visit MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew’s live blog.

Round 1: Both men are recognized as orthodox, and it’s only a matter of time before we see some kind of struggle, as both men actively use it. Tsarukyan starts with a few kicks, and we quickly catch up with him: Tsarukyan doubles, gets stuffed, and then Gamrot shoots him! Gamrot is deep on the single, but Tsarukyan has excellent balance and can jump. Fast pace to start.

Back at a distance, Gamroth delivers a blow to the knee, which is quickly abandoned. Tsarukyan is active in the legs with low kicks. Tsarukyan looks noticeably fatter than Gamrot, and when Gamrot delivers his kick, Tsarukyan knocks him down with a double kick. Gamrot retreats to the fence and struggles to his feet, but the fight! Tsarukyan is only holding on to a Grumby roll from Gamrot, and now he has a lock on his back! More positional work, but Tsarukyan was able to break his grip, and we are back in space. Hot pace.

The headshot just slides over Gamroth’s head, but it’s not worn down in the slightest. Tsarukyan throws many punches, while Gamrot catches one. He tries to jump on Tsarukyan, but the Armenian is so flexible that he just bounces. Reset and a big blow to the body from Tsarukyan. Gamrot shoots, Tsarukyan steps over and Gamrot immediately slips and he almost hits the back, but Tsarukyan can get out. Gamroth dives ankle deep, but there is no joy, and the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores round 10-9 Tsarukyan.

Round 2: If these two men are the future of the lightweight division, the division is in safe hands. That first round was electric.

Tsarukyan kicks to start and catches Gamrot when he interferes. Gamrot tries to turn it into a takedown but fails against Tsarukyan. Gamrot will need to land punches because his focus on takedowns means he loses with kicks.

A short exchange when Gamroth seems to agree and lands an overhand right. Tsarukyan shoots back with a combination. Tsarukyan makes Gamrot work all over the place and he delivers a powerful body kick as Gamrot becomes left-handed. He hit.

Gamroth looks like he’s trying to figure out what to do next. He can’t get close enough to take good shots and he also seems to be a slower fighter. Tsarukyan doubles but stretches. So, Tsarukyan gets up and kicks the calf again.

Tsarukyan does another double, but Gamrot doesn’t give way and then uses the whizzer to try and turn around. Tsarukyan holds the position 50/50 and finally gets the opportunity to break out. Again at a distance, Tsarukyan kicks and kicks, and Gamrot does not work enough in the legs.

More shots from Tsarukyan and Gamrot who are struggling to find a range he is comfortable with. The pace slowed down a bit on the stretch and Gamrot landed a couple of good right hands as Tsarukyan ramped up the pace on him for the rest of the round.

MMA Fighting scores Tsarukyan in the round 10-9, Tsarukyan’s total score is 20-18.

Round 3: To be honest, I wish it was just a grappling match because the fights were divine and the kickboxing was just okay.

Tsarukyan starts the third with an instant strong kick to the body. They clinch, but Gamroth can’t get anything. He gets a good right hand at the break.

Gamrot now stays further away, taking punches from Tsarukyan, but Tsarukyan comes into play with a left hand that lands hard. Gamroth falls on his leg but fails to get there again. Now Gamroth takes the lead and starts boxing. The jabs started giving him success and he jumps up on his hips for a double and drags Tsarukyan down, but Tsarukyan immediately pops up. Now they are along the fence, Gamrot is holding the castle from behind, and Tsarukyan is trying to escape.

Gamrot stays sticky here and slams his knees into his hamstrings. Tsarukyan tries to get out, but Gamrot drags him down again, and this time he gets hooked! Tsarukyan looks like he’s getting a little tired, but he’s back and can finally get out of position.

Tsarukyan is now moving forward, perhaps feeling behind in the round. He punches a bad double leg that Gamrot stretches, but Tsarukyan stays on one leg and is now balanced by Gamrot. However, he can and does land a couple of right punches. Tsarukyan inflicts a reversal attack to the body. Both men exchange blows and land. Tsarukyan begins to load, perhaps because he was unable to harm Gamrot, but this forces him to counterattack.

MMA Fighting scores in the Gamrot round 10-9, in the overall standings Tsarukyan 29-28.

Round 4: At the moment it seems like Gamrot is the best boxer when he does this, but Tsarukyan was able to keep him within kicking distance and that is where he made his money. But Gamrot has made some adjustments, so let’s see how this will affect the championship rounds.

Gamroth takes the lead and lands a powerful right hand. Tsarukyan shoots back, and Gamrot breaks into the clinch. Some fight, but nothing happens. As they break through, Tsarukyan lands a free header. Soon after, Gamroth lands a strong right hand.

Gamroth delivers another right hand. And a jab when Tsarukyan tries to throw some hands. Tsarukyan now has a cut under his left eye. A missed left hand results in a Tsarukyan punch that lands and Gamrot falls to his foot, but Tsarukyan is stretched. However, Gamrot stays on top of him and he breaks through him and pushes Tsarukyan against the fence with his back. However, Tsarukyan will not fall to the ground and break his grip.

Gamrot is now really starting to put pressure on him, and Tsarukyan may be losing ground a bit. He definitely supports more. Tsarukyan rushes forward to repel Gamrot and performs a combo. Tsarukyan goes forward and delivers a strong kick to the body, but Gamrot catches him and performs a takedown. Tsarukyan is already kneeling along the fence and Gamrot is holding on to the body lock. Mat comes back for Gamroth, who this time gets hooked and he’s in space!

Tsarukyan tries to get to the fence, but Gamrot hits both hooks and has full control of the ball. Tsarukyan is climbing and is now sitting by the fence with Gamrot on his hips as the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores Gamrot 10-9 in the round, 38-38 overall.

Round 5: It’s hard to score, but it seems like whoever wins fifth wins the fight. 5 minutes for a lifetime.

Both look fresh for their fifth round and Gamroth lands a hard right hand at the start. Tsarukyan delivers a powerful kick, knocking Gamrot to the canvas. However, he got back up and scored a good 1-2. Tsarukyan moves and shoots at the double, which Gamrot easily beats.

Big exchange with Gamroth doing a powerful blow. Tsarukyan goes back and Gamrot does his best double of the night and goes straight to control! Beautiful work! Tsarukyan is already moving towards the fence, although after a while he gets to his feet. Gamrot is still holding the bodysuit, but fails to land a takedown, and Tsarukyan breaks free.

In space, Tsarukyan uses a terrible spinning fist, from which Gamrot tries to shoot, but fails. Both men punch. Tsarukyan throws a few jabs, but Gamrot lands a hard right hand. Body shot from Tsarukyan. 2 minutes.

Exchange from both men. This is a hell of a mess. Gamrot hits on the right. Tsarukyan gets two in return. Gamrot leads one double but stretches and now Tsarukyan holds the front headlock. They disperse.

Tsarukyan comes forward. Gamroth strikes with a right hand. Tsarukyan comes forward and strikes to the body. Gamroth throws a strong jab. And a big right hand. Tsarukyan is still moving forward. Gamroth doubles his strength and finishes him off! Tsarukyan to the fence and up, but Gamrot is on him and behind. Tsarukyan tries to quit gramby, but Gamrot is equal to him. Tsarukyan changes position in 5 seconds and ends in a supine position.

GREAT fight. Glasses can be anywhere, but…

MMA Fighting picks up Gamroth 10-9 in the round, 48-47 Gamroth overall.


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