Matthew Berry’s 2022 Fantasy Football Top 100 will be updated during the pre-season for NFL News and reflect his changing view of players in the 2022 season. Due to the ever-changing nature of the news, these rankings reflect the value of each player if you want to be drafted today, balancing the risk and reward of each player’s talent against the potential to contribute. This latest fantasy football rankings update is up to date as of May 9th.

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1. Jonathan Taylor, IND (RB1)
2. Christian McCaffrey, CAR (RB2)
3. Austin Eckeler, LAC (RB3)
4. Cooper Kupp, LAR (WR1)
5. Derrick Henry, TEC (RB4)
6. Naji Harris, PIT (RB5)
7. Dalvin Cook, MIN (RB6)
8. Justin Jefferson, Ming (WR2)
9. Ja’Marr Chase, CIN (WR3)
10. Davante Adams, LV (WR4)

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11. Alvin Camara, NO (RB7)
12. Stephon Diggs, BUF (WR5)
13. Joe Mixon, CIN (RB8)
14. Andre Swift, DET (RB9)
15. Mark Andrews, BAL (TE1)
16. Travis Kels, KC (TE2)
17. CD Lamb, DAL (WR6)
18. Dibo Samuel, San Francisco (WR7)
19. Tyreke Hill, MIA (WR8)
20. Leonard Furnett, TB (RB10)

21. Aaron Jones, UK (RB11)
22. Mike Evans, TB (WR9)
23. Keenan Allen, LAC (WR10)
24. Nick Chubb, CLE (RB12)
25. James Conner, ARI (RB13)
26. Ty Higgins, CIN (WR11)
27. Ezekiel Elliott, DAL (RB14)
28. AJ Brown, PHI (WR12)
29. David Montgomery, CHI (RB15)
30. Javonte Williams, Den (RB16)

31. Saquon Barkley, New York (RB17)
32. Dionte Johnson, PIT (WR13)
33. Cam Akers, LAR (RB18)
34. Josh Jacobs LV (RB19)
35. Terry McLaurin, WAS (WR14)
36. Jaylen Waddle, MIA (WR15)
37. Kyle Pitts, ATL (TE3)
38. Antonio Gibson, WAS (RB20)
39. Travis Etienne Jr., JAC (RB21)
40. J. K. Dobbins, BAL (RB22)

41. Brandin Cooks, HOU (WR16)
42. DJ Moore, CAR (WR17)
43. Chris Godwin, TB (WR18)
44. Darren Waller LV (TE4)
45. Michael Pittman Jr. IND (WR19)
46. ​​DK Metcalfe, SEA (WR20)
47. Elijah Mitchell SF (RB23)
48. George Kittle, San Francisco (TE5)
49. Darnell Mooney, CHI (WR21)
50. Marquise Brown, ARI (WR22)

51. Josh Allen, BUF (QB1)
52. Amari Cooper, CLE (WR23)
53. Amon-Ra Saint Brown, DET (WR24)
54. Brice Hall, New York (RB24)
55. Justin Herbert, LAC (QB2)
56. Patrick Mahomes, KC (QB3)
57. Mike Williams, LAC (WR25)
58. Rashod Bateman, BAL (WR26)
59. Allen Robinson II, LAR (WR27)
60. Jerry Judy, THEN (WR28)

61. Tom Brady, TO (QB4)
62. Juju Smith-Shuster, KC (WR29)
63. Gabriel Davis, BUF (WR30)
64. Jalen Herts, PHI (QB5)
65. Lamar Jackson, BAL (QB6)
66. Kyler Murray, ARI (QB7)
67. Elijah Moore, NYJ (WR31)
68. Courtland Sutton, Den (WR32)
69. AJ Dillon, UK (RB25)
70. Devin Singletery, BUF (RB26)

71. Dalton Schultz, DAL (TE6)
72. Drake London, ATL (WR33)
73. Cordarrell Patterson, ATL (RB27)
74. Hunter Renfroe LV (WR34)
75. T. J. Hockenson, DET (TE7)
76. Joe Barrow, CIN (QB8)
77. Duck Prescott, DAL (QB9)
78. Russell Gage, TB (WR35)
79. Miles Sanders, PHI (RB28)
80. Karim Hunt, CLE (RB29)

81. Tyler Lockett, SEA (WR36)
82. Rashad Penny, SEA (RB30)
83. DeVonta Smith, PHI (WR37)
84. Adam Thielen, Ming (WR38)
85. Chase Edmonds, MIA (RB31)
86. Damien Harris, NE (RB32)
87. Dallas Godert, PHI (TE8)
88. Clyde Edwards-Heler, KC (RB33)
89. Melvin Gordon III, THEN (RB34)
90. Tony Pollard, DAL (RB35)

91. Aaron Rodgers, UK (QB10)
92. Robert Woods, ten (WR39)
93. Michael Thomas, NO (WR40)
94. Allen Lazard, UK (WR41)
95. Zach Ertz, ARI (TE9)
96. Ramondre Stevenson, NE (RB36)
97. Ken Walker III, SEA (RB37)
98. DeAndre Hopkins, ARI (WR42)
99. Pat Freiermuth, PIT (TE10)
100. Ronald Jones II, KC (RB38) .