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Mavericks, Bucks, Lakers reportedly interested in Cam Reddish trade Celtics, Raptors reportedly interested in Jakob Poeltl trade, but price remains high Three things to Know: NBA trade rumors roundup as deadline nears Watch Lillard score 44, but it’s not enough against Jokic’s 36, Nuggets Raptors trade rumors: Fred VanVleet, Gary Trent Jr., but likely not OG Anunoby

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At least Tom Thibodeau was consistent – he wasn’t a fan Cam reddish since the day Leon Rose and the front office sent him a first-round pick just over a year ago.

Now, the Knicks are looking to get Reddish out of the game by the trade deadline, and the Mavericks, Bucks, and Lakers are among those interested. according to Mark Stein’s report.

Sources from The Stein Line say the Knicks have redoubled their efforts to find a new home for Reddish. partners…

Despite the price he paid to bring in Reddish, league sources say New York is now only seeking second-round pick compensation to move Reddish in addition to the contracts needed for salary cap purposes. Reddish’s salary this season is nearly $6 million.

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The asking price for Reddish is low and will depend on the quality of the selection and the player’s return to New York. The Lakers can offer Kendrick Nunn and a second-round pick that might sound better for New York than JaVale McGee and future Mavericks second round player.

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Reddish is a 6-foot-8 forward with good athleticism, the ability to finish near the rim and play a little bit, but he hasn’t stood out in his four seasons in the NBA. Thibodeau hasn’t shown him in a game since December 3rd (not exactly showing a guy to trade).

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This looks like a deal that will take place within the next three weeks, although the Knicks may drag out the process to see if they can get a slightly better deal.

Jacob Poeltl is a kind of quality rotation center that can help the team. Plug him into the Celtics, for example, and he’ll give them a solid option for the night. Robert Williams III could miss, plus it helps to reduce the number of minutes Al Horford. He will make the best NBA team this season better.

Are two picks in the first round better?

According to reports from The Athletic, this is a question facing teams interested in Poeltla from Spurs. Ideally the Spurs want to keep Poeltl but he wants to be in the playoffs and the Spurs are rebuilding so there is no fit. Shams Charania reports.

According to league sources, Spurs center Jacob Poeltle has attracted significant trading interest from teams such as the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics. – cap space. Competitive executives believe Poeltle will move closer to the $20 million-a-year range in a new off-season deal. There is no doubt that the Spurs will keep a high price cap for any deal with Poeltl.

This price according to Jared Weisstwo picks in the first round.

The stumbling block, as always, was the price. San Antonio told stakeholders across the league that the Spurs want two first-round picks for Poeltl, according to team and league sources, and they’ve stuck to the same stance. Derrick White last season. The Celtics were able to acquire White for what ended up being the 25th pick in the last draft and the first overall protected pick trade in 2028.

It seems unlikely that the Spurs will get two first round free agent picks. Maybe the first and the exchange of spades. First and second, it’s more likely now, as long as this team thinks they can re-sign Poeltl (likely for three years, $70 million range).

Poeltl is averaging 12.3 points per game on 63.4% shooting, plus he’s 9.3 rebounds per game and has decent defense. He has to be more than an NBA understudy, but will he settle for a smaller role to win (assuming he’s paid)? The Celtics might find out. Or maybe Poeltl is the first step in a lineup change coming to Toronto.

Or maybe the Clippers or some other team that’s a bit under the radar will step in and make a move. Be that as it may, in the next three weeks there will be a lot of rumors about Poeltle.

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1) Summary of NBA Trade Rumors as Deadline Approaches

With only 22 days left until the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 9, negotiations are heating up… sort of. It seemed like the time had come for a recap of the latest trade rumors and discussions around the league. This is not an exhaustive list, but a brief overview of where some of the big names stand.

• The heat of league talks is heating up but still simmering, and it looks like another quiet trade deadline. The play-in tournament is to blame for everything, in which more teams want to keep the stars. Because there aren’t many sellers in the market, the few that do can keep prices high, cooling the market. Don’t wait for many moves; exchanged the best players John Collins and Bojan Bogdanovich.

• Speaking of Collins, the Jazz team is the hardest to get. according to Mark Stein. As Utah slipped to 23-24 for the season and eighth in the West, some teams thought they would be sold by the deadline, but instead they are looking to pair Collins with Lauri Markkanen (there seems to be a lot of overlapping positions, but Jazz is looking). The Wizards, Nets, and Pacers are also showing interest in Collins.

• One three-team exchange involving Collins will result in Malik Beasley from Utah to Cleveland while the Jazz acquire John Collins and the Hawks acquire Carys LeVert and another player or choice. The draft compensation circulating in this deal appears to be a delay.

• Jazz can be a salesperson on one front: they discuss Mike Conley bidding, with the Clippers being one of the most aggressive bidders (Los Angeles is open to send John Wall in any trade). The Clippers are looking for help on the spot, a bigger size on the flanks, and a big backup at the deadline.

• The Timberwolves are also showing interest in Conley and are looking into the market for their point guard, D’Angelo Russellafter both parties failed to agree on an extension.

• The Heat are interested in Russell as an upgrade for them at the moment, but the Timberwolves are not interested in Kyle Lowry for a trade for Russell (this would put them back next season in need of an extension or trade for a point guard they don’t see in the long run with the team). Without Lowry, it’s hard to make the trade work if the Timberwolves don’t want to. Duncan Robinson (they don’t).

Fred VanVliet he’s having a poor season in Toronto (18.2 ppg on 37.6% shooting overall) which keeps other teams calling. However, the Raptors seem to be more interested in a post-season extension than in seeking a trade.

• The Raptor will most likely be sold with a wing. Gary Trent Jr.however, the wing that other teams hope is becoming available, And Anunobi. However, he is the Toronto front office favorite and it will take a few first round picks to make them consider a move.

• Bojan Bogdanovic trade rumors are all over the place, but the Pistons are holding a high price and want an unprotected first-round pick on any trade to move him. The Lakers are the most mentioned suitor – and he would cater to their needs on the court next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis — but are unwilling to give up first-round picks in other trades. The Bucks, Pelicans, Cavaliers and Mavericks are also showing interest in Bogdanovich.

Jacob Poeltl absolutely available to the Spurs (ideally they would have kept him, but at the end of the season he is a free agent and most likely leaves), but (as Jared Weiss confirmed today at The Athletic) The asking price is two picks in the first round. I doubt any team would agree to this, but what about a first and a strong second (or a young player the Spurs like)? Will the Spurs lower that price? The Celtics, Raptors and Clippers are among the teams involved.

Jay Crowder still waiting for the Suns to trade him. The hit is mentioned, but this deal is a long-term deal and its trading value drops as the season gets shorter. Crowder is reportedly looking for his new team – whoever it is – to extend a three-year, $33 million deal. PJ Tucker received from Philadelphia.

One seller per time these are the Charlotte Hornets, who are willing to move almost anyone except LaMelo: Terry Rozier aroused considerable interest, but are also available Mason Plumlee, Jalen McDaniels and Kelly Obre Jr.

2) Damian Lillard spent the night scoring 44 points, Jokic and the Nuggets scored more points

Damian Lillard had another big night in an impressive rebound…


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