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Mavericks resigned to losing Jalen Brunson to the Knicks?

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On Friday, it was reported that the Knicks had built up “big momentum” in their pursuit of Jalen Brunson after draft night. Retirement is on the rise in Dallas, sources say, that the Knicks are indeed Brunson’s top pick and his inevitable destination.. More:
Source: Twitter @TheSteinLine

What’s the news on Twitter?

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Sirius HM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“Really sounds like his figure is approaching $25 million a year.”
@Jake Fisher tells @EvCoRadio & @Brian Gelzeiler why the #Mavericks lost confidence after the draft that Jalen Brunson would return to Dallas #NewYorkForever #MFFL

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Kevin Pelton @kpelton
Looking back at the recent history of players who have skyrocketed their usage after changing teams in free agent mode to see what could happen if Jalen Brunson and Deandre Ayton do so this summer: (ESPN+)- 13:04

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Jan Begley @IanBegley
Previously: Knicks optimistic about Jalen Brunson; Several teams are interested in acquiring Alec Burks:…12:32

Jake Fisher @JakeLFisher
we will live @getcallin 10 minutes from @BigWos.
Kyrie Irving, Jalen Brunson, Hawks and others. Register and ask us a question:…19:21

Jan Begley @IanBegley
NYK’s best defensive option remains Jalen Brunson, and some BKN players have never considered NYK a viable option for Kyrie Irving. According to SNY, Joe Tsai fully supported the BKN’s position against offering Irving the maximum. They pushed for it and Irving would agree, a source confirming The Athletic said. 19:01

Ringer @Ringernba
💯 A fast-paced and changing environment in Brooklyn
💯 Malik Monk says he’ll take less money to stay with the Lakers
💯 The Knicks chase Jalen Brunson

Brad Townsend @townbread
The Mavs can’t afford to repeat the mistakes that led to Steve Nash leaving Jalen Brunson.…9:02 am

Steve Popper @Steve Popper
Knicks clear the way for Jalen Brunson, but will he leave Dallas? And if not, what’s the next best option for the Knicks’ “financial flexibility”?… by using @News8:19 am

Tommy Beer @tommybeer
This is why Thayus Jones, not Jalen Brunson, should be New York #Nyx Goal #1 when free will starts next week:…12:33

Tim Reynolds @Tim Reynolds
Many, many things confuse me these days, and at the top of the list is this: Jalen Brunson is a really good player, but when did he become an Absolute Must for the Knicks, or are they going to be the bad guy forever? – 12:30 PM

Chuck Cooperstein @cooperatives
I don’t know Jalen Brunson’s final decision, but if he stays with the Mavericks, I will laugh hard at the national (mostly New York) media that publishes @NBA Draft, they talk as if his departure to the Knicks is a fait accompli. 11:44

Steve Popper @Steve Popper
NBA Sunday Insider: A positive moment for the Knicks after the NBA draft? Restricting space to pursue Jalen Brunson; Draft winners and losers; Plus the Knicks after the first round… by using @News8:16 am

Steve Popper @Steve Popper
NBA Sunday Insider: A positive moment for the Knicks after the NBA draft? Restricting space to pursue Jalen Brunson; Draft winners and losers; and the Knicks after the first round… by using @News18:49

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Jake Fischer on Jalen Brunson: From everything I’ve heard, it really sounds like things have changed and he’s more likely to be a member of the Knicks than the Dallas Mavericks.. -by using Spotify / June 28, 2022

Chris Haynes on Jalen Brunson: I’ve talked to people around him who think he needs to reach a different level that he just couldn’t reach with Dallas because he played the most dominant player in the league.. -by using Spotify / June 28, 2022

Irving reportedly has six teams in sight: the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, Heat, 76ers, and Mavericks. A Durant and Westbrook reunion in Brooklyn is unlikely. according to the source. The Knicks, Mavericks, and Heat are the teams with the most opportunities to make a deal for Irving, but the Knicks and Mavericks appear to be in a trade war for free-agent guard Jalen Brunson. -by using New York Daily News / June 27, 2022


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