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Mbappé hasn’t changed, he never really wanted to play for Real Madrid

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Kyllian Mbappé has changed or at least that is what those who know him say and if there is someone in Spain who can know what French is like, that is Florentino Perez. The president of Real Madrid did not hesitate to affirm in ‘El Chiringuito’ that he was someone else and that it would be better for him to stay at PSG. The truth is that the striker has destroyed what he said was his childhood dream and he did it when I had it

at your fingertips.
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It was him and Real Madrid and Mbappé
he decided that the best thing for his future was to be the richest footballer in the world. Lawful. And he has achieved it. Given everything that has happened, the question is there: Has Kylian Mbappé ever wanted to play for Real Madrid? I doubt it.
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Five years ago he had it and there was talk of the family and that of playing in Paris, his city.
Perfect. In the summer of 2021 he asked to be transferred, but he confessed it with the market closed and with PSG’s refusal to sell him little less than guaranteed, as was shown later.

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Since September 1, and after his refusal to renew with PSG, he

the flirtations with Real Madrid bequeathed,
communications with Florentino Pérez, gestures seeking the complicity of Benzema and that of the Bernabéu, managing to be

welcomed as a hero
despite being the number one public and sports enemy back in March.

Shadows and doubts

The two following months came from the hand of leaks of offers from PSG, which the player was in charge of denying over and over again to the leaders of the white club. After saying yes again,

everything changed once he had in his hand what he wanted, that is, a huge offer,
out of market. do

Sounds like what happened five years ago
? The same, but this time the decision has been personal. Does the betrayal mean a definitive goodbye on the part of Real Madrid? Not at all, but what should never be considered is as a hero, just as he was received by what everyone believed his fans would be.

Mbappé is a professional of dubious dreams of a child and of a word that is not such.
He likes to be the center of attention and for this he activates all the springs. Mbappé is history for Real Madrid, but at any moment he could cease to be. This is football and he is a good professional because

He always shows his face, the one that for many at Real Madrid he has and it is very hard.


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