McLaren to race with rotating digital sponsor panels

McLaren will take first place in Formula 1 at the Bahrain Grand Prix by leveraging permanent digital sponsorship for its racing car.

For the upcoming season, the team has installed Seamless Digital’s dynamic dual-display branding technology on either side of the cockpit of their MCL60 vehicle. The panels will be visible from the on-board cameras used for F1 TV broadcasts.

McLaren tried the technology out in practice ahead of the US Grand Prix in Austin last October, but wanted to evaluate the weight implications before putting it on the car for a full year.

The panels will make their race debut at the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 5, the first race of 2023.

This is technology that has never been used in F1 racing.

McLaren’s main partners are Google Chrome, WebEx, Android, BAT and OKX.


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