A decade ago, the first few weeks of the college basketball offseason were mostly quiet. NBA design decisions, a few transfers here and there, the final rounds of the coaching carousel. Currently? It may be busier than the actual season.

Between the one-time transfer waiver and an additional year of eligibility due to the pandemic-affected 2020-21 season, it has become almost impossible to keep track of arrivals and departures. As one coach told me recently, it seems like every player in the country can get a year of expiration if they really try.

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But you need to follow. So just like last year, we’re going to share all of my lineup change research once again.

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First, the guidelines.

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“Departed or to be Departed” includes players who retained their names in the NBA draft, current retirees who have not announced their plans, and players who have entered the transfer portal.

“Return Expected” includes freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who have either confirmed they will be returning or have not communicated their plans.

Rookie ratings according to the Sportzshala database.

This page will be constantly updated during the off-season. I will definitely make some mistakes or miss some solutions, especially when it comes to retirees using another year, so point me out any mistakes on twitter at @jeffborzello.

Last updated: August 29, 2022

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Boston College Eagles

Departed or expected to depart: James Karnick (9.8 ppg), Brevin Galloway (8.3 ppg), Kanye Jones (1.8 ppg), Gianni Thompson (1.3 ppg), Justin Vander Baan (1. 2 points per game)
Return expected: Mackay Ashton-Langford (12.0 ppg), DeMarr Langford Jr. (11.3 ppg), Jaden Zachary (10.4 ppg), Quinten Post (9.4 ppg), TJ Bickerstaff (6.6 points per game)
Beginners: Prince Aligbe (four stars), Donald Hand Jr. (four stars), Chas Kelly (four stars), Armani Mighty (NR), Mason Madsen (3.9 ppg in Cincinnati)

Clemson Tigers

Departed or expected to depart: Al Amir Daws (11.3 ppg), David Collins (10.3 ppg), Nick Honor (7.7 ppg), Naz Bohannon (5.7 ppg)
Return expected: PJ Hall (15.5 ppg), Hunter Tyson (10.0 ppg), Chase Hunter (6.7 ppg), Alex Hemenway (5.2 ppg), Ian Schiffelin (3, 1 points per game), Ben Middlebrooks (1.2 points per game)
Beginners: Dillon Hunter (#64), R.J. Godfrey (four-star), Chauncey Wiggins (NR), Chauncey Gibson (NR), Brevin Galloway (8.3 points per game at Boston College)

Duke Blue Devils

Departed or expected to depart: Paolo Banquero (17.1 ppg), Wendell Moore Jr. (13.5 ppg), Trevor Keels (11.3 ppg), Mark Williams (11.3 ppg), AJ Griffin ( 10.5 points per game), Joey Baker (4.5 points per game), Theo John (2.7 points per game), Bates Jones (1.4 points per game)
Return expected: Jeremy Roach (8.6 points per game), Jalen Blakes (1.0 points per game)
Beginners: Derek Lively (#1 on Sportzshala 100), Darik Whitehead (#2), Kyle Filipowski (#7), Mark Mitchell (#26), Jayden Schutt (#50), Tyrese Proctor (five stars), Christian Reeves (four stars) ), Jacob Grandison (9.6 ppg in Illinois), Cale Catchings (9.1 ppg in Harvard), Ryan Young (9.0 ppg in the Northwest)

Florida State Seminoles

Departed or expected to depart: Malik Osborne (10.0 ppg), Anthony Polite (9.9 ppg), RayQuan Evans (8.0 ppg), John Butler (5.9 ppg), Tanor Ngom (5.7 ppg), Wyatt Wilks (3.9 ppg), Harrison Prieto (3.8 ppg), Quincy Ballard (0.9 ppg), Alaeddin Butaeb (red shirt)
Return expected: Caleb Mills (12.7 ppg), Matthew Cleveland (11.5 ppg), Cam’Ron Fletcher (6.8 ppg), Naheem McLeod (4.5 ppg), Jalen Worley (3 .7 points per game)
Beginners: Cameron Korhen (No. 68), De’Ante Green (No. 60), Chandler Jackson (four stars), Jeremy Bembry (three stars), Tom House (three stars), Baba Miller (NR), Darin Green Jr. (13.3 points per game at UCF), Jaylan Gainey (9.3 points per game at Brown)

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Departed or expected to depart: Michael Deveaux (17.9 ppg), Jordan Asher (14.8 ppg), Khalid Moore (5.2 ppg), Saba Gigiberia (2.5 ppg), Bubba Parham (6.7 ppg) points per game in the 2020-21 season)
Return expected: Kyle Sturdivant (7.6 ppg), Rodney Howard (6.5 ppg), Tristan Maxwell (6.4 ppg), Dallan Coleman (6.2 ppg), Davon Smith (5.7 ppg) ppg), Miles Kelly (4.5 ppg), Jalon Moore (2.8 ppg), Jordan Meka (0.8 ppg)
Beginners: Lance Terry (14.3 ppg at Gardner Webb), Javon Franklin (12.2 ppg at South Alabama)

Louisville Cardinals

Departed or expected to depart: Noah Locke (9.6 ppg), Malik Williams (9.5 ppg), Dre Davis (7.4 ppg), Jarrod West (6.1 ppg), Matt Cross (5.8 ppg) , Samuel Williamson (5.6 ppg), Mason Faulkner (4.6 ppg), Gabe Wisnitzer (0.4 ppg)
Return expected: Al Ellis (8.7 ppg), Sidney Curry (7.1 ppg), Jay Lynn Withers (5.8 ppg), JJ Trainor (1.6 ppg), Roosevelt Wheeler (1 ,6 points per game), Mike James (red shirt)
Beginners: Kamari Lands (No. 39), Devin Rea (No. 77), Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (3.9 ppg in Tennessee)

Miami Hurricanes

Departed or expected to depart: Cameron McGasty (17.8 ppg), Charlie Moore (12.4 ppg), Sam Waardenburg (8.5 ppg), Rodney Miller Jr. (1.5 points per game), Dan Gak (0.9 points per game)
Return expected: Isaiah Wong (15.3 ppg), Jordan Miller (10.0 ppg), Anthony Walker (4.9 ppg), Wuga Topol (2.3 ppg), Joseph Bensley (2.3 ppg) points per game), Harlond Beverly (red shirt), Jakai Robinson (red shirt)
Beginners: AJ Casey (No. 55), Christian Watson (No. 92), Favor Air (four stars), Danilo Jovanovic (four stars), Norchad Omier (17.9 ppg at Arkansas State), Nigel Pack (17.4 ppg) for playing in Kansas

Resin North Carolina Heels

Departed or expected to depart: Brady Manek (15.2 ppg), Dawson Garcia (9.0 ppg), Kervin Walton (3.4 ppg), Anthony Harris (2.6 ppg)
Return expected: Armando Backot (16.5 ppg), Caleb Love (15.7 ppg), R. J. Davis (13.4 ppg), Leakey Black (4.9 ppg), Puff Johnson ( 2.8 ppg), Dontrez Styles (2.0 ppg), Justin McCoy (1.1 ppg), Defensive Marco Dunn (1.0 ppg), Will Shaver (red shirt)
Beginners: Jalen Washington (No. 37), Seth Trimble (No. 46), Tyler Nickel (No. 91), Pete Nance (14.6 points per game in the Northwest)

North Carolina state wolf pack

Departed or expected to depart: Dereon Sibron (17.3 ppg), Jericole Hellems (13.7 ppg), Cam Hayes (7.0 ppg), Thomas Allen (3.8 ppg), Jaylon Gibson (2.7 ppg) points per game), Manny Bates (9.8 points per game in 2020-21)
Return expected: Terkwion Smith (16.3 ppg), Casey Morsell (7.2 ppg), Ebenezer Dovuona (4.1 ppg), Greg Gant (4.0 ppg 2020-21), Breon Pass (2.2 ppg), Ernest Ross (1.6 ppg)
Beginners: LJ Thomas (four stars), DJ Burns Jr. (15.0 PPG in Winthrop), Jack Clark (12.0 PPG in La Salle), Jarkel Joiner (13.2 PPG in Ole Miss), Dusan Makhorcic (5.5 PPG in Utah)

Notre Dame is at war with the Irish

Departed or expected to depart: Blake Wesley (14.4 ppg), Paul Atkinson Jr. (12.5 ppg), Prentiss Hubb (8.9 ppg)
Return expected: Dane Goodwin (13.6 ppg), Nate Laszewski (9.3 ppg), Cormac Ryan (9.2 ppg), Trey Wertz (4.0 ppg)
Beginners: JJ Starling (No. 18), Wen-Allen Lubin (No. 69), Dom Campbell (four stars), Marcus Hammond (18.1 ppg at Niagara)

Pittsburgh Panthers

Departed or expected to depart: Femi Odukale (10.8 ppg), Muhamadou Guie (9.8 ppg), Itiel Horton (9.8 ppg), Daniel Oladapo (3.3 ppg), Onyebuchi Ezeakudo (2.1 points per game), Noah Collier (1.5 points per game), Chris Payton (0.8 points per game), Max Amadasun (0.3 points per game)
Return expected: John Hagley (14.8 ppg), Jamarius Burton (12.4 ppg), Nike Sibande (6.9 ppg 2020-21), William Jeffress (3.4 ppg), Nate Santos (2.8 points per game)
Beginners: Dior Johnson (No. 35), Guillermo Diaz Graham (NR), Jorge Diaz Graham (NR), Blake Hinson (9.1 ppg at Iowa State in 2019-20), Nellie Cummings (14.7 ppg in Colgate), Greg Elliott (7.0 points per game). in Marquette), Fede Federico (JC)

Syracuse orange

Departed or expected to depart: Buddy Boheim (19.2 ppg), Cole Swider (13.9 ppg), Jimmy Boheim (13.7 ppg), Burama Sidibe (3.0 ppg), Frank Anselem (2.6 ppg) point per game)
Return expected: Joseph Girard III (13.8 ppg), Jesse Edwards (12.0 ppg), Symer Torrens (2.6 ppg), Benny Williams (1.9 ppg), John Bol Ajak (0 .4 points per game)
Beginners: Judah Mintz (No. 33), Justin Taylor (four stars), Kvadir Copeland (four stars), Chris Bunch (four stars), Malik Brown (three stars), Peter Carey (three stars), Munir Hima (1.9 points per game in Duquesne)

Virginia Cavaliers

Departed or expected to depart: Cody Stattmann (3.3 points per game); Carson McCorkle (2.1 ppg), Malachi Poindexter (1.0 ppg)
Return expected: Jayden Gardner (15.3 ppg), Armaan Franklin (11.1 ppg), Kehei Clarke (10.0 ppg), Rhys Beekman (8.2 ppg), Kadin Shedrick (6.9 ppg) points per game), Francisco Caffaro (4.3 points per game), Thane Murray (2.0 points per game)
Beginners: Isaac Traudt (No. 47), Isaac McNeely (No. 67), Leon Bond (No. 70), Ryan Dunn (four stars), Ben Vander Plas (14.3 points per game in Ohio)

Virginia Tech Hawkeyes

Departed or expected to depart: Keve Aluma (15.8 ppg), Naheem Alleyn (9.6 ppg), Storm Murphy (8.0 ppg), David N’Guessan (3.7 ppg), John Ojiako (2 .4 points per game)
Return expected: Justin Matts (10.1 ppg), Hunter Cuttur (10.0 ppg), Darius Maddox (6.4 ppg), Sean Pedulla (5.4 ppg), Lynn Kidd (0.7 point per game)
Beginners: Rodney Rice (#45), M.J. Collins (four stars), Patrick Wessler (three stars), Darren Buchanan (three stars), Grant Basil (18.4 points per game at Wright State), Milijael Poteat (7.7 points per game at Rice), John Camden ( red shirt in Memphis)

Awakening Forest Demon Deacons

Departed or expected to depart: Alondes Williams (18.5 ppg), Jake LaRavia (14.6 ppg), Isaiah Mucius (9.5 ppg), Dallas Walton (9.3 ppg), Khadim Sy (6.0 ppg) points per game), Carter Witt (1.7 points per game)
Return expected: Davien Williamson (11.8 ppg), Damari Monsanto (7.3 ppg), Cameron Hildreth (3.9 ppg), Matthew Marsh (2.8 ppg), Robert McCray Vee (1, 9 points per game), Lucas Taylor (0.1 points per game)
Beginners: Zach Keller (four stars), Bobby Klintman (four stars), Jao Ituka (15.3 points per game in Marista), Tyree Appleby (10.9 points per game in Florida), Andrew Carr (10.0 points per game in Florida), game in Delaware), Davion Bradford (3.3 points per game in Kansas). State)

Big East

Butler Bulldogs

Departed or expected to depart: Aaron Thompson (8.1 ppg), Beau Hodges (10.0 ppg), Bryce Nze (8.7 ppg), Bryce Golden (8.8 ppg), Jare Bolden (6.7 ppg) points per game), Ty Grose (3.7 points per game), Christian David (1.2 points per game)
Return expected: Chuck Harris (11.4 ppg), Jaden Taylor (8.2 ppg), Seamas Lucosius (6.8 ppg), DJ Hughes (1.1 ppg), Miles Wilmot (1.4 points per game), Miles Tate (1.7 points per game), Pierce Thomas (red shirt), John-Michael Malloy (0.7 points per game)
Beginners: Connor Turnbull…