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Men’s World Championship Roundup: Eventful Sunday Sets up Wild Run to Finish

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UK suffers heartthrob against Latvia

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Britain’s hopes of avoiding relegation on Sunday soared after they succumbed to the lead 4-3.

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Great Britain will now need to beat Austria on Monday by regulation to avoid being relegated after having played the last three tournaments at the highest level.

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Latvia with eight points is still eligible for the playoffs but needs help along the way.

With a 3-1 lead in the middle of the match, Great Britain played just as well as they had throughout the tournament. Goals by Brett Perlini and Cade Neilson in the first period – one on the power-play and one with an additional striker – the British took advantage of the situation. Oscars Batna scored at 24:17 to bring the score closer to Latvia, but Lewis Hook’s goal at 26:26 was enough.

Or so they thought. Janis Jaks’ goal at 34:34 again made the game with one goal, while Latvia – the stronger team – went on the attack for the third. Rihards Bukarts scored at 51:49 to equalize with Latvia, and Andris Dzerins scored two minutes later from a controversial cutoff penalty to Great Britain to give Latvia their first lead of the game – and more importantly, before the final siren.

Germany beat Kazakhstan after a close game

In a game full of twists and turns, Germany managed to beat Kazakhstan 5-4 on Sunday.

Kazakhstan now needs to beat Italy on Monday to avoid relegation, with Italy having a one-point lead.

The first period was wild: the teams exchanged leaders in the first period with five goals. Roman Starchenko scored first with a score of 2:57, but two minutes later the German Jonas Müller answered the same.

The goalkeeper looked strong for the next 10 minutes until Egor Petukhov beat Dustin Stralmeier to give Germany their second lead of the game.

From there, goals from Leonhard Pfoderl and Daniel Fischbuch made Germany 3-2 after a tense first-period ending, with Detroit Red Wings guard Moritz Seider helping to set both goals. The Germans then made it 4-2 with guardian Lukas Reichel, but a last-minute goal by Pavel Akolzin reduced the lead to one and helped set up a crazy third period.

And what was that. Just 38 seconds after the start of the period in a feverish attack, Nikita Mikhailis again equalized the score in favor of Kazakhstan. But at 47:08, Kazakhstan fell short after Yassin Elise added one and reclaimed a German advantage they were reluctant to give up.

Switzerland – perfect score 6-0 with one game left

France’s 2-0 lead after a period of play did not last as Switzerland rolled out to a 5-2 win.

The Swiss team is showing their best record since their 9-1 win at the 2013 World Cup, with the team’s only loss coming in the final game. On Tuesday, Switzerland will play Germany for first place in Group A.

Alexandre Texier started to party at 4:58 and later set up Valentin Clairaut for a 2–0 goal at 13:25. But from that moment on, Switzerland, which overcame some horrendous penalties in the first period, changed the situation.

Nico Hishir, Damien Riat and Andrés Ambul scored in the second leg 3-2, while Dean Kukan’s goal at 51:17 put the situation out of reach. Hishira’s second of the night with 22 seconds sealed the deal.

Sweden defeated Norway 7:1

At some point, everything looked close. Jacob Peterson scored first at 11:48 for Sweden, but otherwise Jonas Arntzen was up to the task in the Norwegian goal.

Sweden must finish second in Group B if the Czech Republic lose one of their two remaining games and Sweden fail to score a point in the round robin final. Norway has already scored enough points to avoid relegation, so Tuesday’s final game against the US will end on a high note.

But from there, everything became ugly. William Nylander, Peterson, Rasmus Asplund and Lukas Wallmark went on a rampage to make it 5-1 in a game that on paper had no chance of being close.

Tobias Fladeby scored Norway’s only goal at 40:44, but Max Friberg and Rasmus Asplund scored one each in the third round to complete the beating.


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