Miami, USC lead college football’s 10 most-hated teams of all time rankings

Being one of the most hated college football teams of all time means wild success and a hint of envy from other programs trying to reach that level. No one likes winners, especially consistent ones, and these teams we’ve picked have risen above others in the hate department over the past few decades after unforgettable seasons at the top of the polls.

The phrase “let your haters be your motivators” sounded right to these teams, who fed on the passionate negative energy of others every week and elevated the situation to a new level as a result. There’s no need for bulletin board materials when you’re one of the people being hunted, and smothering the rest of college football with your success is a major hatred factor. It doesn’t hurt to have a selfish quarterback or a player in the national spotlight as the face of your franchise.

Going into the 2023 campaign, the two-time defending national champion Georgia did the right thing by having an all-time success through recruiting and execution. And the Bulldogs did it without rubbing it in like most other dynasty-run teams before them did.

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Here is a detailed roundup of the 10 most hated American football teams of all time.


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