Michigan basketball: Hunter Dickinson previews 2023 NBA Draft decision, explains how ‘legacy’ could factor in

Michigan basketball veteran Hunter Dickinson has a post-season decision to make ahead of the 2023 NBA draft, which he is not yet ready for. This season, Dickinson is averaging 17.7 points and 8.5 rebounds for the Wolverine and is one of the best centers in college basketball.

“It’s really hard, I really love the University of Michigan” Dickinson made the announcement this week on The Michigan Insider podcast.. “There is a reason why so many alumni return to him. They really lack experience here. Of course, the basketball side with Juwan is a lot of fun for me. I know for me my draft stock depends on my team’s success and how far my team goes and stuff like that so I could never make a decision before the end of the season because I was just weighing in on how my team works and how I perform at the end of the season, because that’s when you can pick up the highest draft stock.”

Dickinson says he’s been trying to “stay in the moment” this season and not think about the upcoming draft.

The NIL may have also influenced his decision. Dickinson was ecstatic that the Michigan NIL team helped bring back Blake Corum and others after the Wolverines won a Big Ten championship and a college football playoff spot last season.

“I definitely took notice of these guys,” Dickinson said. “I think it’s really good for college athletics. This shows you the advantages and disadvantages of NIL. Everyone wants to talk about the cons, but this is definitely a plus, you give the opportunity to come back and enjoy your college. years. I think it’s a great thing for Michigan and college athletics.”

Chorus going to make over $1 million in Michigan as a senior, according to The Athletic.

“It was a business decision,” Corum recently said in The Rich Eisen show about his decision to come back. “Money, NIL, that’s cool. Gonna get the NFL money, that’s cool But money isn’t everything. I really just got back to Michigan. “Team, Team, Team” I am ready to leave this legacy. I’m trying to tell you: it’s going to be fun.”

Corum is one of the leading players in the Michigan One more year campaignlaunched this month by Valiant Management, which is “a special NIL fund for key players who will return for the 2023 season and play in the national championship.”

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Money given away to the One More Year campaign goes directly to returning players, who may be leaning towards the NFL or transfer portal. According to Valiant Management, “The goal is to raise as much money as possible, no donation can be too big or too small. Help Valiant show players how dedicated Corn and Blue appreciate them and want them back in a winged helmet next year. .”


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