The Michigan Wolverines were on easy street last season. The football team brought home a Big Ten title and made it to the College Football Playoff for the first time under Jim Harbaugh but now it’s time to sustain that success in the minds of the fans and people within the program. That begins with upcoming recruiting classes, such as 2023. At the moment, Michigan’s next class ranks No. 18 overall per the 247Sports Composite.

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It’s still early, but there might be some concerns if this class can keep Michigan at the top. The 2022 class ranked No. 12 overall and no. 9 per the Composite. Speaking on The Michigan Recruiting Insider Podcast, Brice Marich broke down what he saw in the 2023 class and why he would be a little worried, at least right now.

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“I would put it for me, at least at a five (out of 10), so lukewarm,” Marich said. “A couple of things about this question that I kind of think about is one, if you look at the last cycle where we were at … a lot of these guys that were in the 2022 class weren’t even on their radar. Some didn’t even have offers … So a lot of these guys … when we saw their recruiting profiles kind of rise, the rankings rise and then finally at the very end, Michigan was able to sign them and land them and that was a big deal. And that’s one of the reasons why they signed a top 10 class. But the other thing that kind of worries me a little too, when you look at that class, they also had Will Johnson in the fold and committed (in the 2022 class).

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“The reason I bring that up is not to say this class is not there, but when your top guy is Raylen Wilson, who’s a top 100 linebacker commit overall, he’s taking visits to Georgia and Florida. That’s not what you want your class leader, your top guy doing. It doesn’t resonate. It’s not the greatest look, whereas you have Will Johnson, who’s committed, he’s legacy. Guys are gravitating towards him … I think right now it’s hurting them a little. I know guys like Semaj. Morgan, he’s doing a great job. Cole Cabana … So there are guys working. When you have a guy like a Will Johnson … working on top guys, that can take your class to another level. I think that’s kind of hurting Michigan in some aspect in this class. But right now, long story short, I’d put my level at five.”

Full comments and breakdowns of Michigan’s recruiting class can be heard below.

Wilson leads the way in Michigan’s class as a four-star prospect per the 247Sports Composite. He could be a key linebacker down the line for the Wolverines. However Cabana, a running back, is the only other four-star prospect committed from the Class of 2023 for Michigan.

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Heading into the 2022 season, Harbaugh’s squad looks to repeat as Big Ten champions and fight for a national championship.