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Michigan State hockey player alleges opponent taunted him with racial slurs

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Michigan State forward Jagger Joshua is frustrated by the NCAA's inaction after he said an opponent taunted him with racist slurs during a game.  (Getty images)
Michigan State forward Jagger Joshua is frustrated by the NCAA’s lack of action after he said an opponent taunted him with racist slurs during a game. (Getty images)

Michigan State Hockey Jagger Joshua is calling on the NCAA to take action after he claims his opponent taunted him with racist slurs.

The 23-year-old forward said in a statement Monday that the Ohio player repeatedly called him a racial slur during a Nov. 11 game. heard a laugh.

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Joshua, however, expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the incident was handled immediately afterward, explaining that prior to his statement, no further public action had been taken by the G-10 or Ohio State.

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“The inaction made me feel confused and pessimistic about the diversity movement in hockey culture,” he said. because without recognition, the problem gets worse.”

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While no Ohio State player was named, Buckeyes center Kamil Sadlocha did. get game misconduct while playing discussed. Sadlocha featured prominently in Ohio State’s next two games against Notre Dame.

In a statement to Ian Kennedy’s The Hockey News Tuesday, Ohio State Athletics Director Gene Smith apologized to Joshua and said Sadlocha had been sent home and would be out of the team for an indefinite period.

“Over the past week, the Department of Athletics has worked through this on-ice incident and has spoken to Kamil Sadlocha and the rest of the team and Kamil is returning home and will not be training or competing at this time.”

In addition to Joshua’s statement, the Michigan State Spartans also released a statement reaffirming their support for the elder.

“As a department, we are committed to providing all student athletes with the opportunity to compete in a space free of discrimination, racism or hate.” This was stated by the vice-president of the university and director of athletics Alan Haller.

Joshua received massive support all over Twitter following his public announcement, including some kind words from several prominent members of the hockey community.

The Michigan native leads all Spartans this season with six goals and 11 points in 14 games. His Spartans are currently 5-2-1-0 in the Big Ten, which is a solid record for second place in the conference.

Jagger’s older brother Dakota is a forward for the Vancouver Canucks.

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