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Missed Fists: Main event ends in 20 seconds when fighters spill out of cage door

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Welcome to the latest issue of Missed Fists where we cover fights from around the world that may have been overlooked in these hectic times when MMA shows seem to go through the day.

This week we have a small number of highlights not only from the usual dark and dangerous corners of the world, but also from several major promotions that continue to deliver some incredible last hits worth watching in an increasingly crowded MMA space.

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First, the classical cage fails.

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(thank you very much as always) @Barrelelapierna for their weekly top lists knockouts as well as representationand to @Grabaka_Hitman for downloading many of the clips you see here. Subscribe to them and participate Patreon if you can.)

Rafael Cruz vs. Gustavo Bazan

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As for the swinging cage doors, they aren’t much cleaner.

From the #1 Fight Series event in Cerro Cora, Argentina, Rafael Cruz and Gustavo Bazan take out a nasty spill from the cage in the show’s headliner (a free replay of this event is available at YouTube). The fight starts normally enough when Bazan delivers a punch that gets Cruz’s attention. However, when he shoots to take advantage, both men soon find themselves blasting the cage door and falling.

Luckily, the fighters seem to be mostly okay after that, with Cruz immediately returning to the cage to take pictures. Bazan is clearly more shaken up, and when you rewatch the clip, you can see that his body is HARD hitting the stage surrounding the cage, so at least the spirit is knocked out of him.

Regional MMA Promotions Lock These Doors Please!

Check out other highlights from the Number 1 Fight Series:

Devon Jackson vs. George Martinez
Cale Moniz vs. Shane Torres

At Fury FC 69 in Dallas, we have a fence that did its job well, saving George Martinez from a terrible fall after being hit by a right hook from Devon Jackson.

Of course, that just meant he got hit more, but still!

On the same map, we saw Cale Moniz completely crush Shane Torres with an uppercut 12 seconds into the third round.

Looking down isn’t as cool as leaving, but when you strike like that, you can celebrate however you want. And Moniz’s refusal to throw more punches when he realized Torres wasn’t coming back after that would earn him some important points.

Fury FC 69 is available to play on UFC Fight Passwith free premiums YouTube.

Brandon Jenkins vs. Neil Anderson

Also on Fight Pass, Brandon “The Human Highlight Reel” Jenkins was back in business when he defeated Neil Anderson with the second best knee knockout of the week at the Unified MMA show in Enoch, Canada.

Jenkins’ cup of coffee with the UFC could have gone better as he lost 0-2 via TKO to Drakkar Klose and Rong Zhu, but in his first fight since leaving the promotion earlier this year, he didn’t disappoint. Anderson was already rocked by a straight right from Jenkins, which left him open to just about any finish Jenkins wanted. He chose destruction.

This is nothing new for Jenkins, whose latest victory also came to a knee when he defeated Jacob Kilburn in the PFL.

Adonnay Azevedo vs. Andre Ferreira
Timur Serikuly vs. Rinat Abylkairov

Before we move on to Week 1 Knee Knockout, I first introduce you to two extremely painful submission moves and ask you, dear reader, which one looks more uncomfortable?

Is that the slow, python-like inverted triangle of Andre Ferreira by Adonnai Azevedo from Home Fight Championship 6 in Santa Lucia do Para, Brazil?

Or is it Timur Serikuly, who won the professional debutant battle at Naiza FC 44 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with a Suloev stretch that made Rinat Abylkairov scream and lose his mouthpiece?

In fact, the only correct answer is “Please let me never be the recipient of one of these materials,” but if you mark your choice in the survey, that would be great.


Which show was the worst?

  • 16%
    Inverted Triangle Adonai Azevedo

    (18 votes)

  • 83%
    Stretching Timur Suloev Serikuly

    (91 votes)

total 109 votes

Vote now

Ovidio Bohorquez vs. Matthew Colquhoun

Without further ado:

At Combate Global’s “Reina o Nada” event last Saturday, Ovidio Bojorquez stole the show with his stunning jumping knee, which – and that’s probably putting it mildly – Matthew Colquhoun didn’t expect.

From the blow of this knee, Colquhoun flew so far that Bohorques did not even have the opportunity to escape from this blow. He was already six feet away from him.

Gillian DeCourcy against. Jessica Delboni

Huge advice to new Invicta FC Champion Jillian DeCourcy, who became the first lightweight athlete to kick off her career with a pioneering women’s promotion and win a title.

And she did it in style:

Take a look at this roll into the horse, which she took off before grabbing Delboni by the back. These are special things.

DeCourcy, 38, is a late bloomer by nature, having her first amateur fight in 2014, starting her career 2-2 before splitting time between Invicta and CFFC. However, she scraped together her first shot at the championship and didn’t miss out.

You can watch a free replay of Invicta FC here.

Eric Sanchez vs. Jamie Lynch

Here is another highlight of the UFC Fight Pass promotion:

In the main event of Cage Warriors 143, Eric Sanchez landed Jamie Lynch with a right hand to the chin. It was so bad that Sanchez looked legitimately apologetic afterwards.

Keveni Lopez vs. Eric Washington

Sometimes 10 second knockouts happen out of nowhere and sometimes one of the fighters just wants it bad.

Keveni Lopez is an example of the latter. With Spartacus MMA 14 in Sao Paulo:

The Brazilian featherweight began the bounty hunt, immediately landing a Superman punch and chasing Eric Washington until he found a home for a pair of left hand bombs. Lopez now has six wins in a row, five of which were by knockout/technical knockout.

Gustavo Wurlitzer against. Keita Inoue

I’m not entirely sure what Keita Inoue is doing in the next clip, but he’s definitely not being defensive.

Look, I get that Japanese fighters have a reputation for being tough as nails to live up to (PRIDE Never Die, amirite?), but at some point you just have to put your hands up, man! Gustavo Wurlitzer probed the ground with a body kick, hit Inoue with his right hand, and then dropped the load with a telegraphed right hand. It was the end for Inoue.

You can watch the full show “Gladiator 019” for free at YouTube.

Raiden Oliver vs. Patrick Antonides

Given his name, I can’t think of a better fighter to take us home than amateur Raiden Oliver, who won the welterweight championship at Big John’s MMA in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan with an upside down fist punch. Patrick Antonides, who would be proud of “Killer with an ax.”


If you know of a recent fight or event that you think might have gone unnoticed, or a promotion that might need some attention, let us know on Twitter. @AlexandrKli – by hashtag…


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