The 2022 MLB regular season is still a couple of weeks away, but several teams are already looking to October.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers officially secured their first playoff spot of the season, followed by the Houston Astros, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, Cleveland Guardians, and St. Louis Cardinals.” The Toronto Blue Jays then became the second team to receive one of the six wild card spots, while the Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays and Milwaukee Brewers did so. The Philadelphia Phillies and the San Diego Padres are still fighting for the remaining four.

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Division racing aside, there are many storylines worth watching as the regular season draws to a close and October begins, such as Seattle’s attempt to break a 21-year playoff drought, Aaron Judge’s run to 62 home runs, and Albert Pujols hitting 700 career home runs. running.

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What are the current playoff matches? What shows are worth paying attention to in the last week? And what does the playoff schedule look like? We’ve got everything you need to know as the regular season draws to a close.

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What are the MLB playoff games in October?

American League

Wildcard round: (6) Rays into (3) Guardians*, (5) Mariners into (4) Blue Jays*

ALDS: Rays/Guardians vs. (2) Yankees*, Mariners/Blue Jays vs. (1) Astros*

National League

Wildcard round: (6) Phillies to (3) Cardinals*, (5) Padres to (4) Braves*

NLDS: Phillies/Cardinals vs. (2) Mets*, Padres/Braves vs. (1) Dodgers*

* Earn a playoff spot

Who in?

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers secured their first playoff spot of the season — Los Angeles’ 10th straight playoff berth — and then swept the NL West with a victory in Arizona the following day.

Houston Astros

The Astros became the second team to take a postseason berth and went on to capture the AL West title, which is Houston’s fifth division crown in the past six seasons.

New York Mets

The Mets made the playoffs thanks to Max Scherzer’s 200th career win in Milwaukee. While New York is still pursuing the big goal of the NL East title and the associated bye round, this is the team’s first playoff appearance since 2016.

Atlanta Braves

While the battle for the NL East is likely to come to naught, the defending champion Braves returned to the postseason the day after the Mets.

New York Yankees

The Yankees secured their sixth consecutive playoff berth with a win over the Red Sox and then won the East Asian Championship with a win over Toronto on Tuesday.

Cleveland Guardians

The Guardians won AL Central for the first time since 2018 with a 10-4 victory over Texas on Sunday afternoon, the sixth team to earn a postseason spot.

St. Louis Cardinals

With a win over division rivals the Brewers on Tuesday night, the Cardinals clinched the NL Central title and secured a playoff spot.

Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays were able to take one of the five remaining wildcard spots after losing to the Orioles on Thursday afternoon, securing themselves the 4th seed AL.

Who could be next?

Of the four remaining wild card contenders, the Race are the closest to making it to the playoffs – and could do so as early as tonight. The Mariners and Padres could also get a postseason spot this weekend.

Key upcoming series

Found in the Braves: September 30 – October. 2

In what is arguably the biggest series of the season, New York and Atlanta will battle for the NL East title in a three-game matchup that will have a huge impact on the playoff seeding.

Rays at Astros: September 30 – October 2

A couple of factors can be determined during this set of three games: Houston can take the top spot in the AL, and Tampa Bay can secure a postseason spot.

Orioles at the Yankees: September 30 – Oct. 2

While neither team has anything else to play for in the postseason, all eyes are on the Yankees, and Judge is on the verge of setting a new AL home run record in a single season.

Playoff schedule

Wild Card Series
Best of three, all games at top seed stadium

Game 1: Friday, October 7th
Game 2: Saturday, October 8
Game 3: Sunday, October 9*

Division Series
Best of Five


Game 1: Tuesday, October 11th.
Game 2: Thursday, October 13th.
Game 3: Saturday, October 15th.
Game 4: Sunday, October 16*
Game 5: Monday, October 17*


Game 1: Tuesday, October 11th.
Game 2: Wednesday, October 12th.
Game 3: Friday, October 14th.
Game 4: Saturday, October 15*
Game 5: Sunday, October 16*

League Championship Series
Best of Seven


Game 1: Wednesday 19 October
Game 2: Thursday, October 20th.
Game 3: Saturday, October 22nd.
Game 4: Sunday, October 23rd.
Game 5: Monday, October 24*
Game 6: Tuesday, October 25*
Game 7: Wednesday, October 26*


Game 1: Tuesday 18 October.
Game 2: Wednesday 19 October
Game 3: Friday, October 21st.
Game 4: Saturday, October 22nd.
Game 5: Sunday, October 23*
Game 6: Monday, October 24*
Game 7: Tuesday, October 25*

World Series
Best of Seven

Game 1: Friday, October 28th.
Game 2: Saturday, October 29th.
Game 3: Monday, October 31st.
Game 4: Tuesday, November 1
Game 5: Wednesday, November 2*
Game 6: Friday, November 4*
Game 7: Saturday, November 5*

* If it is needed