While the Yankees are breaking away from other American League powers, competition in the National League is starting to heat up 11 weeks into the season.

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The Braves are pushing the Mets to the top of the NL East while the Dodgers barely hold the top spot over the Padres and Giants in the NL West. Which team looks stronger in these divisional battles?

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Our panel of experts ranked each baseball team based on a combination of what we had already seen and what we already knew before the 162-game marathon, which is a full baseball season. We also asked Sportzshala MLB experts David Schonfield, Bradford Doolittle, Jun Lee, Jesse Rogers and Alden Gonzalez to rate all 30 teams.

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Week 10 | Preseason Ranking

1. New York Yankees

Write down: 51-18

Previous rating: one

“No holes” is what baseball players say about this Yankee team. The offense leads MLB in home runs, and their rotation leads the ERA. The team’s success still makes people compare it to some of the best teams of the last few decades. One of the team’s highlights this season was infielder Gleyber Torres, who hit .260/.309/.512 with 13 home runs and a 2.5 WAR, the second most positional player on the team. — Lee

2. New York Mets

Write down: 45-26

Previous rating: 2

It will be interesting to see if the Mets pursue Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras at the trade deadline, with Mets catchers battling for the plate and finishing 27th in major OPS catchers. A lineup that averaged 5.79 runs per game in May has dropped to under 4.5 runs per game in June, so it may need another bat. James McCann is still missing, but he’s hardly any better than Thomas Needo. Promising player Francisco Alvarez remains an underdog despite his excellent performance in Double-A. — Shenfield

3. Los Angeles Dodgers

Write down: 42-25

Previous rating: 3

First, Blake Trainen, the Dodgers’ most important reliever, was off indefinitely due to discomfort in his right shoulder. Then Walker Buehler, their top starting pitcher, suffered a flexor strain that kept him out of the field until September. And now Mookie Betts, arguably their most valuable position player, is on the injured list with a broken rib. Unlike Treinen and Buhler, Betts is expected to miss no more than a couple of weeks due to the injury. But the Dodgers’ famed depth is being tested. And the Padres and Giants seem destined to keep their interest in the NL West. — Gonzalez

4. Houston Astros

Write down: 43-25

Previous rating: 6

The Astros offense began to gain momentum after an uncharacteristically slow start. Suddenly, the Houston next-gen offense was in shape, led by a pair of MVP candidates in Jordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker. Of course, if the vote took place today, the AL top four would probably have strong support, with Aaron Judge followed by Jose Ramirez, Rafael Devers and Mike Trout. But just behind these leaders are Alvarez and Tucker. Alvarez, in particular, continued his ascent and became part of the ephemeral conversation about which current player holds the title of “most feared hitter in the game.” In June, Alvarez beat opposing pitchers .443/.521/.885 with AL-leading 23 RBIs. — Doolittle

5. San Diego Padres

Write down: 44-27

Previous rating: four

The Padres had already done an admirable job playing through Fernando Tatis Jr.’s wrist injury, but then saw Manny Machado, an early NL MVP-winner, slip on first base on Sunday and twist his left ankle. The Padres hope that Machado’s ankle injury is not serious. Regardless, their starters continue to dominate and their lineup has changed dramatically since Jurickson Profar and Jake Cronenworth started producing at the top of the order. The 2022 Padres – in many ways unlike the 2021 Padres – look like a team that can take on just about anything. — Gonzalez

6. Atlanta Braves

Write down: 40-30

Previous rating: 7

Is it time to start considering Max Fried as one of the few legitimate #1 starters in the Majors? After two mediocre starts early in the season (he lost both games), he went 7-0 with a 2.35 ERA and the Braves went 10-2 in those games. He threw at least six innings in all but one of those 12 starts (and went 5⅔ in the other) as he was a consistent pattern. His 2.82 ERA is the sixth-best starter over the past three seasons, and don’t forget his six clean innings in Game 6 of the World Series. — Shenfield

7. Toronto Blue Jays

Write down: 39-30

Previous rating: 5

Toronto split a four-game streak against the Orioles before losing two of their three games against the Yankees. The team is starting to see its offense picking up steam, with Vladimir Guerrero Jr bouncing back from his troubles this season with a strong June hitting .294/.388/.624 with eight homers. The team will also need stronger performances from Jose Berrios and Yusei Kikuchi if they hope to reach their ceiling, especially after Hyun-Jin Ryu underwent season-ending Tommy John surgery. — Lee

8. St. Louis Cardinals

Write down: 40-31

Previous rating: eight

Even with Paul Goldschmidt picking up yet another honor – this time Player of the Week – the Cardinals can’t seem to sway the Brewers. After St. Louis swept the Rays, they did win five out of seven, but against lesser competition. The team lost the first game of their series this week against Milwaukee, but won the next two as St. Louis had a tough year. Goldschmidt has been fantastic all season, placing third in the OPS just behind Jordan Alvarez and Aaron Judge. — Rogers

9. San Francisco Giants

Write down: 38-30

Previous rating: ten

The Giants proved to be no worse than others in finding unknown players and extracting benefits from them. This year, you can add Luis Gonzalez to this growing list. Gonzalez, 26, was drafted after pulling out of the White Sox last August and then returned on a minor league contract. In 180 plate games, the left-handed outfielder batted .302/.361/.447, providing a significant lift for key players on the injured and out list. In 2019 it was Mike Yastrzemski. Last year it was LaMonte Wade Jr. This year, it seems, Gonzalez. Some teams are much better at this than others. — Gonzalez

10. Milwaukee Brewers

Write down: 39-32

Previous rating: 13

The Brewers bounced back from a shaky start in June, including losing the series to the Mets last week, in time to sweep the Reds back to temporarily top the division before the Cardinals overtook them again. It’s an intense race at the top of the NL Central, but Milwaukee has found its charm on the plate again. Outfielder Hunter Renfro was in full swing last week, scoring close to 1,300 points per second. — Rogers

11. Boston Red Sox

Write down: 39-31

Previous rating: 12

The Red Sox look like a threat to be reckoned with, and nothing like a team that has started the season slowly. Nick Pivetta appears to be one of the best pitchers in baseball lately, with a 1.77 ERA and 61 strikeouts in 61 innings in his last nine starts. Before the start of the season, Boston management said that Pivetta’s leap was critical to the team’s success, and the right-hander’s recent triumph coincided with Boston’s winning streak. — Lee

12 Minnesota Twins

Write down: 38-32

Previous rating: eleven

Whether you attribute it to the avalanche of injuries that buried the Minnesota pitching staff, or the lack of depth to account for the absence, the bottom line is that the Twins staff has been in disarray lately. As a result, Minnesota’s overall performance sank into the icy zone at the most inopportune moment, with several key games against a red-hot Cleveland. By May 26, the Twins were on pace, allowing 135 fewer runs than the league average. That number had fallen to 44 by the time Minnesota conceded a tough streak-opening game to the Guardians on Tuesday. During the period beginning May 27, the Twins were ranked 23rd in the staff ERA, with both rookies and pitchers ranked in the bottom 10 of their groups. — Doolittle

13. Tampa Bay Rays

Write down: 37-32

Previous rating: 9

The Rays are floundering and haven’t won in a row since they had 11 .500 games on June 9. Tampa Bay had to rely on top prospects Vidal Brujan and Taylor Walls during the absence of Vander Franco and Brandon Lowe, and both had problems. against pitching in the big leagues. With Manuel Margot and Kevin Kiermeier also on the injured list, Tampa Bay will have to rely on depth as the rising Red Sox forge ahead in the division and the wild card race. — Lee

14. Cleveland Guardians

Write down: 36-28

Previous rating: fifteen

Much of the attention in Cleveland deservedly went to MVP nominee Jose Ramirez, who shone as the Guardians chased down and eventually caught the Twins in a divisional race, starting the season’s battle for first place. But don’t overlook another infielder’s great season: Andres Jimenez. Jimenez was Cleveland’s most frequent starter at second base and played a pivotal role in about two-thirds of his games. As such, he could have the best season of any regular second baseman in the American League, displaying an impressive line along with elite defensive records. Since Jimenez was acquired from the Mets prior to last season along with Amed Rosario in a blockbuster deal by Francisco Lindor, Jimenez has the best OPS+ of the trio and the most defenses saved. — Doolittle

15. Philadelphia Phillies

Write down: 36-34

Previous rating: fourteen

Aaron Nola continues to go under the radar as he makes a strong bid for All-Star status. He’s only 4-4 but with a 3.10 ERA. He ranks among the top major league starting players in strikeout-to-walk ratio and the fewest passes, and also ranks in the top 10 in OBP allowed and strikeouts. He has a 1.93 ERA over his last five starts and the Phillies…