MLB sells share of BAMTech to Walt Disney Co. for $900M MLBPA keeps Clark, extends executive director through 2027


NEW YORK. Major League Baseball has sold its remaining stake in the streaming technology company to The Walt Disney Co. for 900 million dollars.

The sale was disclosed Tuesday in Walt Disney Co.’s annual report filed through the SEC. MLB received $900 million in exchange for a 15% stake in a company called BAMTech, which originally started as MLB Advanced Media in 2000.

This technology helped MLB become the leader in sports broadcasting in the 2000s.

Walt Disney Co. has been buying part of BAMTech for the past five years and now owns 100% of the company. The National Hockey League has sold its 10% stake in BAMTech to the Walt Disney Co. for $350 million in 2021.

SCOTTDALE, Arizona. The Major League Baseball Association has voted to extend the contract of chief executive Tony Clark until 2027.

Clark, 50, who has had a 15-year major league career mostly with the Tigers and Diamondbacks, has helped the players secure their current MLB employment contract. After months of contentious negotiations, the MLBPA and MLB agreed to a new deal in March that saved the 162-game season.

On Tuesday, the MLBPA confirmed Clark’s extension.

The five-year extension means Clark can also guide players through their next deal. The current contract expires after the 2026 season.

Clarke has been very busy over the past few years helping players get through the shortened 2020 season due to COVID-19. He also helped the union add thousands more players after the minor leagues voted to join the MLBPA earlier this year.

The Athletic was the first to announce the renewal of Clarke’s contract.