Betting on players is becoming increasingly popular with US bookmakers in general, but one type of bet stands out from the rest: touchdown odds.

More bets were placed on online sportsbook PointsBet Thursday on Kansas City tight end Travis Kelsey to score a touchdown than on the Chargers-Chiefs scatter, both teams combined. There were also more bets on Kelce scoring a touchdown than on total over/under.

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This is a wild statistic, but also an outlier. Other bookmakers have noticed a lot of interest in Kelce, but nowhere near as much as the points spread. For example, for all players in Caesars Sportsbook, there were about five times as many bets on scatter as compared to touchdown statistics.

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However, interest in the Chiefs’ tight end was felt in the betting market. Sports media spokesman Pat McAfee included Kelsey in a multiple bet he offered to his audience, and FanDuel reported that over 25,000 customers placed the multiple bet. At DraftKings, Kelsey beat all players in touchdown rates.

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According to trader Andy Morrissey, bookmaker operator WynnBET has first-landing odds in the game as the most popular assist bet on offer.

“They are hugely popular in Europe,” said Craig Macklow, vice president of sales at Caesars Sportsbook, of the touchdown markets.

However, in Nevada, until recently, they were used mainly in the Super Bowl.

“Now we have them for every game,” said Adam Pullen, assistant director of sales at Caesars, adding that both professional and community bettors are participating in the touchdown markets.

Kelsey missed a touchdown in the Chiefs’ 27–25 win over the Chargers on Thursday.

“Given the amount of action, not to mention the number of singles, that Kelsey has been in at any time by TD, not getting into the end zone was a terrific result for the book,” PointsBet spokesman Wyatt Yerout told Sportzshala.

The amazing results have been moved to Sunday for most bookmakers.

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• Sunday NFL action was relatively balanced. At Caesars, the money wagered on the spread in seven of the day’s 12 games was in the 50/50 range.

PointsBet stated that six games attracted what the book sees as a two-way action on the spread, with only one game having a one-way action. Yearout looked back at the weekly breakdowns for last NFL season and found that this Sunday’s roster attracts more balanced action than any week of last season.

“The number of live betting tickets varied widely across many games,” said John Murray, chief executive of SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas, “but that’s usually not where we make big decisions. losing right away is always the biggest key.”

On Sunday, six underdogs took the lead, which was a big winning day for many bookmakers.

“There aren’t many losing games to talk about, although I will say the Jaguars were very popular with both the tough guys and some home players,” Murray said. “We did surprisingly poorly in this game.”

• Borgata were defeated on Sunday, according to betting director Thomas Gable. The fate of the Atlantic City bookmaker was sealed by mid-afternoon thanks to action on the Jets and Giants and “a few bigger tickets on the Jags”.

“Not big enough decisions to get back what we lost,” Gable wrote in a text message to Sportzshala on Sunday afternoon. “That was the first JETS singing I’ve heard in a book in a long time.”

• Nevada bookmaker BetMGM had a “really good” Sunday, according to director Lamarr Mitchell, who said many “six-figure bets have gone by the wayside.”

• “Today was a big day for us,” said WynnBET’s Morrissey. “We have seen an increase in processing compared to last week and avoided large losses on express.”

• A Caesars bettor bet 0.01 – yes, a penny – on the money line for the Chiefs to win -205 over the Chargers on Thursday. Macklow said that penny bets are “surprisingly popular” and added that the book “got together” to pay out the winning penny bet on the Chiefs.

• The 49ers’ odds of winning the Super Bowl went from 20-1 to 18-1 at PointsBet on Sunday. San Francisco quarterback Trey Lance was wheeled off the field early in the victory over the Seahawks.

New NFL RG commercial

The NFL introduced a new responsible betting advertising during a Bears-Packers game on Sunday night. It focuses on a hypothetical “miraculous” ending to the game and reminds players to bet responsibly because “the unbelievable is happening”.

“As we move into the second season of our Comprehensive Responsible Betting Program, we are very positive about the impact we made in our first year and understand that this initiative requires continued focus and resources,” David Highhill, Vice President and General Manager. sports betting for the NFL, said. “The goal of our new league-wide responsible betting announcement is to continue to use the NFL platform to educate and encourage fans who choose to bet to do so in a safe and responsible manner.”

The NFL, which limits sports betting advertising to six per game, is wary of over-gambling its broadcasts. The League’s research has shown that a significant proportion of its fans are not interested in betting.

Google is also trying to help users who are not interested in advertising sports betting limits. Gambling is one of six categories, along with alcohol, dating, pregnancy, and weight loss, for which Google allows users to restrict ads. By entering “ad settings” in the Chrome browser, users are taken to a page where they can limit the amount of gambling ads they see.

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• Notable opening lines of the 4th week. [via Circa Sports]:
Clemson -7, 55.5 in Wake Forest
Duke in Kansas -8, 50.5
Florida to Tennessee -10, 65.5
Wisconsin in Ohio -16.51.5
Kansas State in Oklahoma -13.55.5
USC -5, 70.5 in Oregon
Arkansas at Texas A&M -2, 49.5

• Kansas and Vanderbilt became the first teams to complete the season on Saturday. The Jayhawks and Commodores both had 2 or 2.5 wins at most bookmakers.

• A player placed a $80,000 bet that Ohio State would beat Toledo at -4,000 odds at Hard Rock Sportsbook in Indiana. The Buckeyes won 77-21 and the player won $2,000.