Morning Report: KSI revels in Jake Paul’s loss to Tommy Fury: ‘I stay winning!’

After this weekend, KSI seems to be on top of the world.

On Sunday, Jake Paul suffered the first defeat of his boxing career, losing a split decision to Tommy Fury in their long-awaited bout. Although Paul did score a knockdown in the final round, he struggled to handle Fury’s jab and combinations for most of the fight and generally struggled to lead a consistent offense. And no one was more happy about this than KSI.

Tweeting during the fight and then after the official decision was announced, the British YouTuber made good, old-fashioned gloating at Paul’s expense, making fun of Paul’s performance and claiming he would make short work of his fellow boxer on YouTube.

“Hey, you! [Mimics smoking] Oh! Don’t mind me, I’m just smoking that pack of Jake Paul! Honestly, Jake Paul, trash! Tommy Fury, trash! [Cackling laughter]”

As two of the biggest names in the “influencer boxing” scene, KSI has been fighting Paul for some time, calling Paul a “fraud” and saying that he wanted to be the one to expose the “Problem Child”. Paul, meanwhile, had previously said that he was losing interest in the fight because KSI has yet to beat anyone with any martial arts experience, knocking out other influencers instead. And that interest waned further after his loss as Paul said he intended to immediately invoke the rematch clause for another hit on Fury.

However, the timing could still work out as KSI has previously said they want to face Paul in December at the Cardiff stadium. Until then, he will have to overcome his own hurdles as he sets his sights on May’s boxing bout with either Tyron Woodley or Joe Fournier, each of which will be a step forward for him in the competition. Meanwhile, KSI seems to be just enjoying Tommy Fury’s great win.

“Jake! See, the problem with you, man, the reason you lost is because you didn’t drink Prime, baby. [Cackling laughter] I remain a winner! I keep winning bitch!


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Tyron Woodley’s reaction to KSI.

The person should be trolling at this point.

I like it. Simple, easy to remember.


Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!



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