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Nadal says his ‘intention is to play at Wimbledon’

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Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal said Friday he intends to play at Wimbledon, but his final decision depends on how his troubled left leg feels after training in London next week.

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“I intend to play at Wimbledon,” Nadal said at a press conference in Mallorca.

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“Treatment and the last week of training tell me that there is a chance. On Monday I will go to London, play an exhibition in Herlingham and spend a week of training to see if this is possible.

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Nadal said the injections made his left leg feel “sleepy” during the French Open final on June 5 – he still defeated Kasper Ruud to win a record 22nd Grand Slam title.

Last week, Nadal traveled to Barcelona to begin “pulsed radiofrequency stimulation,” a treatment aimed at reducing nerve pain.

Nadal’s spokesman said the treatment would leave the nerves in his leg “temporarily numb”.

The 36-year-old then had his first grass workout on Monday at Mallorca’s country club in Santa Ponca and has been steadily increasing the intensity of his workouts this week.

“I noticed a difference, some kind of weird feeling, to be honest,” Nadal said.

“During the treatment of nerves in the foot, something happens, sometimes one part of the foot becomes numb, sometimes the other.

“Apparently, this is normal, and after a few weeks the nerves reorganize.

“I’m happy. I felt a little pain, but it’s different from what it was before, which for me is progress.”

Nadal has won Wimbledon twice in his career, in 2008 and 2010.

He missed last year’s tournament due to pain in that same left leg, and the 2020 tournament was canceled due to the pandemic, meaning Nadal is looking to make his first All England appearance in three years.

“I will go to London, play two matches there before the tournament and follow my usual schedule to prepare for Wimbledon,” Nadal said.

“Who knows what might happen in a couple of days – if the situation changes or (happens) something more negative, there will be a moment to explain.

“But I am very excited to go to Wimbledon and play there for the first time in three years.”



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