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NBA Finals: Stephen Curry didn’t need validation, but his 4th Warriors title put any debate to rest

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BOSTON. For the first time in this NBA Finals, Stephen Curry was immobile, unsure of what to do. A man who couldn’t be choked by the league’s best defense was suddenly paralyzed, only to be supported by his father, who cut through the crowd and soaked up his son’s tears.

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There was neither joy nor relief in those tears. But distrust.

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The worst feeling when you once became a champion is to know that you will never return there again, the thought that the league that you helped shape with your style of play developed without you thanked you for your services along the way but fired. the idea that you are playing another meaningful game.

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Or, it feels like, somehow, despite a brilliant resume, questions or doubts may arise in a career.

Curry was already impregnable, his place in history secured. And what about his place in the present, among his peers?

win when you light years ahead is one thing, but what happens when the league catches up, adopts your script, adapts to you, moving chess pieces around the board and overtaking you?

If you “petty kingyou lick your wounds, you simmer, but you regroup and give back every ounce of respect you should have.

“I have three green “Aisha can’t cook” [shirts] in the locker room I wear at some point,” Curry told Sportzshala Sports. “I love it. The fact that you are on this stage. You give and take. You embrace it all. I appreciate it.”

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry celebrates when Bill Russell received the NBA Finals MVP award after defeating the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals at TD Garden in Boston on June 16, 2022.  (Elsa/Getty Images)
Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry celebrates when Bill Russell received the NBA Finals MVP award after defeating the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals at TD Garden in Boston on June 16, 2022. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Only Magic Johnson was able to lead the team to victory in the Boston championship, on the floor in front of the same vulgar fans, Curry practiced his skills on Thursday night. It was in 1985 that the Wizard did it, and Curry showed the same accuracy by defeating a weary Boston Celtics team that ranged from weary upstarts to competitors who had the audacity to put themselves in the luggage of the Golden State Warriors back to the Sun. Francisco.

But before Curry’s tears, he had to put the haters to sleep. He helped corner the Celtics and then scythed them behind a mower. The team that allegedly had the strongest will, the best sense of identity since the beginning of the calendar year, was sent to the TKO with a roster unlikely to be here – not just this year, but any year.

Curry, who teams of players thought could tire due to the physical nature of the game, grew stronger as the night wore on, confident enough to taunt the Celtics. pointing to the ring finger — in the second quarter.

The irony is probably not lost on him, a man who admits to hearing everything from calls to be a “system player” to analysts shaping “zero” thumbs and index fingers to indicate how many titles he will win after signing the maximum extension last year.

“You go for these last two years,” Curry said. “And the talk, the stories about us being ‘too old’, the parallel timelines of developing young guys and keeping our core together, all these hard decisions that we’ve had to make that weighs on you for as long as we’re going through this.

“Then you get to the finish line and that’s why I think this one is definitely different because of the three years of baggage we’ve been carrying since that Game 6 in 2019.”

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On that exhausting night in 2019, the entire NBA world heard laughter. Not only were the Warriors leaving their legendary Oracle Arena, they were also leaving all traces of an opponent behind.

Kevin Durant walks out that door.

Klay Thompson will miss two full seasons soon.

A brand new building, a spanking house for the foreseeable future, a fitting end to a so-called arrogant organization that was high on its own supplies.

But somewhere along the way, in plain sight and in the darkness of daylight, they regrouped. Curry regrouped, unaware that he would ever return here, but relying on leadership. The patience of the North Star Curry exists so that the Petty King can reap all the trophies. The never-ending nature of the basketball business has put Curry on the opposite end of many conversations—starting with Durant having a better chance of a real win while Curry remained anonymous.

Getting it, he repeatedly said, “strikes in a different way.” It doesn’t say he’s doing it without Durant, just as if Durant had reached that finish line first.

“To be sure. Write about it,” Curry told Sportzshala Sports when asked if he wanted to do it without his former teammate. “It’s part of the deal. But no one in October thought we’d be here. Now we “With this band. Can’t compare to any band before, so it’s pretty cool.”

Draymond Green, the man who stays at All-Madden all the time, wasn’t surprised to hear that Curry had let his guard down a bit.

“Of course,” Greene told Sportzshala Sports. “There are always things you want to prove. Ultimately, when Kevin came here, the main person who had to sign it was Steph. So open your door, open your arms and welcome someone with open arms, and that’s beautiful and short-lived, that’s a slap in the face.”

Green recovered.

“It’s not necessarily a slap in the face when someone decides to do something else. But a slap in the face like: “I opened my house to you.” I got you into this. I made you a part of it. I wanted you to be a part of this until we can’t do this anymore. Later, when you want to do something else.” No offense, no ill will, I want you to do everything well, no matter what. This is a brotherhood.

“But… you are a competitor, and the competitor in you wants to prove you wrong, wants to show you that you made a mistake.”

It’s not a race to the ring, and Curry’s Finals MVP wasn’t the form of confirmation he really needed. The conversation needed that last tick more than he did. But you better believe it meant something to him at that moment.

“I think the thing with Steph is that none of this happens without him,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “I am happy for everyone, but I am delighted with Steph. For me, this is his main achievement in his incredible career.”

Curry, seeing his father, the man who made him change his shooting form as a child so he could become the lethal weapon he is today, triggered all those emotions.

“It was surreal because you know what you went through to get back on that stage and no one, unless you were on that floor…,” Curry said. “There, on the floor, I didn’t even know he was down there, to be honest. I saw him and I lost him. I just wanted to enjoy the moment because it was so special.”

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry celebrates the Warriors' 2022 NBA Championship victory, and on June 16, 2022, he was named Finals MVP.  (Elsa/Getty Images)
Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry celebrates the Warriors’ 2022 NBA Championship victory, and on June 16, 2022, he was named Finals MVP. (Elsa/Getty Images)

He remembers it to this day: a year and six days ago, he began off-season training for this season. Curry led the previous year’s Warriors to a 15–5 finish before losing to the Lakers in a tournament play-in.

Think about how fast the NBA is moving. Continuity exists only in the form of rookie contracts and fixed contracts. The Warriors team, the Boston Celtics, had to endure chants about the breakup of their pre-25 duo, which seems to be getting better every year.

LeBron James has changed teams twice since Kerr was hired to coach the Warriors, Durant has come and gone, Kawhi Leonard has played for three teams in that time, and there have been six franchises in the last three NBA Finals – the first. the time it happened was from 2006-08 when the league was in a very different place.

However, what’s notable about the last two champions is that the leaders – Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo – had the audacity to trust organizations rather than being shady general managers. Influential, yes, but not controlling.

There is a difference in understanding how responsible you are to be responsible for setting the course and contributing to how the organization moves, compared to wanting to pull all the strings but still hide your hands when things go wrong.

“I can say it now, I don’t know how many teams can withstand this, as long as we have hope to compare us now with the teams of the past and get to the top of the mountain again,” admitted Curry.

Patty King is back on top, disappearing into the crowd of Warriors fans as only the golden sheen of the Finals’ Bill Russell trophy points his way into the locker room. He again declared himself among his peers, or rather, royally looked down.

Damn it meant something.

“That’s part of the deal. Not the motivation behind it,” Curry told Sportzshala Sports. “You owe it to your main guys, Clay, Draymond and Andre. The front office has allowed us to succeed. We are indebted to them first and foremost.”

At the moment, basketball is indebted to Stephen Curry.


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