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NBA referee Bill Kennedy calls Colorado shooting ‘heinous’ NBA Power Rankings: Celtics, Bucks on top of Thanksgiving edition After fast start, Jazz reportedly to keep Markkanen, Clarkson, likely Vanderbilt Three things to know: Ben Simmons handles boos in return to Philly; Nets don’t Patrick Beverley ejected after he levels Deandre Ayton in the back

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NBA referee Bill Kennedy, who came out as gay in 2015, spoke out in an emotional video on Tuesday in response to Weekend shooting that killed five and injured 17 at a gay club in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The 41-second video was shared on NBA social media.

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“Such heinous crimes, these heinous hate crimes must be stopped in this country,” Kennedy said. “We, we as humans, have to find a way to do this and do this. Good luck to the LGBT community in Colorado Springs and abroad.”

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The shooting at the Q club took place on Saturday night. 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich, a suspect in the shooting, has been charged with murder and a hate crime. He is due to make his first court appearance on Wednesday in a prison video.

This is not the NBA’s first reaction to the incident. Earlier this week, Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone called the incident “another senseless mass shooting.” The Nuggets also observed a moment of silence before Tuesday night’s home game against Detroit.

The victims were Raymond Green Vance, 22; Ashley Pow, 35; Daniel Aston, 28; Kelly Loving, 40; and Derrick Rump, 38.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to the victims and their families and express my sincere condolences to those who were at the Q Club this past weekend,” Kennedy said.

Over 25 seasons, Kennedy refereeed nearly 1,500 regular season and playoff games.

This is the Thanksgiving edition of the weekly NBC Sports NBA Power Rankings, and in it we’re going to talk a little about what every fanbase should be thankful for this year. Spurs fans, you should be grateful to Gregg Popovich.

small icon 1. Celtics (13-4, #1 last week) Boston should be grateful to coach Joe Mazzulla, who set the right tone with this team after he was named head coach a few days before training camp. He didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, he trusted what was built and what these players were working on, and set the right tone. The Celtics are playing six consecutive games at home with interesting tests: Luka Doncic and the Mavericks (Wednesday) and a red-hot Kings on Friday.

Small bucks icon 2. Bucks (12-4, LV 2). Milwaukee should be grateful for the return of the peak Brooke Lopez, who leads the NBA in total blocks (44) and blocks per game (2.8) and plays at the level of the best defenseman of the year. Thanks to him, they have the second-best defense in the NBA. Giannis Antetokounmpo is averaging 30.1 points, 11.6 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game, but some people don’t see him as an MVP candidate just yet because his two-point scoring has dropped to 57% this season. Really?

small sun icon 3. Suns (11-6, LW 4). Phoenix fans should be grateful Devin Booker is their anchor. This team went 4-3 with no starts Chris Paul as well as Cameron Johnson because Booker has been phenomenal this season, averaging 27.6 points per game, shooting 38% of 3 and 5.8 assists per day. Cameron Payne also to be commended for activating with CP3 healing the sore spot. This week the Suns will play two upstart teams from the West, the Jazz and the Kings, in some interesting tests.

Little cavaliers icon 4. Cavaliers (11-6, LV 6). Be thankful for a front office with Kobe Altman (and owner) willing to go to any lengths. Donovan Mitchell because it worked (29.8 points and 6 assists per game). It was better than advertised and Darius Garland (23.9 points and 7.8 assists), the Cavs may have the best backcourt in the league. The only thing keeping them from that crown is Garland’s turnovers. A couple of good tests to see where this team really stands in the East, representing games in Milwaukee and Toronto.

Jazz small icon 5. Jazz (12-7, DW 10). A little wind came out of the sails as the Jazz lost 4 out of 6, but Jazz fans should be thankful for that. Lauri Markkanen found himself and became perhaps the biggest surprise in the NBA this season. He’s averaging 22.4 points and 8.5 rebounds per game, shooting 36.1% from threes, and looks like an All-Star from his hometown of Salt Lake City. The problem lately hasn’t been the offense, but the fact that the defense has been 28th in the last six games. Will Hardy has to figure out a way to stop this team.

Small Mavericks Icon 6. Mavericks (9-7, LV 5). Dallas took off the gas pedal – and Luka Doncic looked a little out of sorts – he’s suffered nasty defeats lately (Pelicans without Zion WilliamsonMagic without Paolo Bankero, Wizards without Beal and Porzingis). Long term, this team needs Doncic’s MVP Night to stand a chance against the best teams. Mavericks fans should be grateful for that. Spencer Dinwiddie is doing everything in his power to be the second player on this team (17.1 points and 5.1 assists per game, shooting 40.7% of 3), as Jason Kidd is clearly not leaning towards Christian Wood for reasons of protection.

Small Clippers icon7. Clippers (11-7, LV 13). The Clippers are grateful Kawhi Leonard came back and they’re 3-0 since he’s back in the starting lineup. In those games, they are in the top 10 in the league on both offense and defense (Leonard was out on Wednesday night with an ankle problem). Tyrone Liu said he wanted to create an offensive “drive, paint-touch, hit, swing” identity, and we started to see that when they hit 21 3s against the Spurs. Their front office and coaches talked about Leonard’s return as it was time to go deeper and start building good habits, and even with Paul George as well as Luke Kennard there are some promising early returns.

Little kings icon 8. Kings (10-6, DX 16). Kings fans should be grateful for The Ray – it’s a rallying point that the team believed in, and thanks to him they won six times in a row. Another reason for the winning streak (and another reason Kings fans should be thankful) is that the team went against the league’s easiest schedule this season. That will change, but right now the Kings are doing what playoff teams do and beating teams that should be winning. And they light the beam.

Little pelican icon 9. Pelicans (10-7, DX 12). The focus on this team is whether Zion Williamson is on the roster or not, but even with the changes, New Orleans is fourth in the NBA this season. It helps to get quality wins when the Warriors land everyone you can name in both games in the Big Easy, but it still counts as a win. New Orleans fans should be grateful for Brandon Ingram find his 3-point shot — 48.2% on 4.3 attempts per game this season, a big jump for him that helps open the floor.

Small icon of blazers 10. Trail Blazers (10-7, LW 7). Losers four in a row and now they’ll be without Damian Lillard a little more (on the way to a difficult road: in Cleveland, then both New York teams, then the Clippers at home). Trail Blazers fans should be grateful for Straw Grant, who has fitted in nicely alongside Lillard and is averaging 19.6 points per game while shooting 47.1% of 3. Grant also remains a much-needed defensive player on this team. It was worth every penny like a pickup truck.

Nuggets small icon 11. Nuggets (10-7, LV 3). Denver tripped with Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray in the health and safety protocols, but the more important questions are how long they can continue to win with a last 10 defense. Nuggets fans should be thankful for playing on the other end Centavius ​​Caldwell-Pope, who remains a much-needed plus-back on the flank. A fun measuring stick game on Friday at home against the Clippers who have been on the rise lately.

Little grizzly icon 12. Grizzlies (10-8, LV 9). Memphis fans should be thankful for health and comeback The Jackson Jr. — it was only three games, but their defense under the basket is much better, plus he showed some attacking versatility, scoring 18 on the night. I am Morant only missed one game with a 1st degree ankle sprain and apparently he was fine, dropping 34 points in the loss to the Kings. One of the biggest long-term questions the Grizzlies have to answer is how to find the balance that can keep Morant on the court – he’s an aggressive, offensive player with crazy jumping, and history shows that some players struggle with injuries ( Remember Dwyane Wade Derrick Rose). Morant can handle it, but the Grizzlies must find a way to keep him healthy for years to come.

Pacers small icon 13. Pacers (10-6, LV 19). This may be too low a ranking for the Pacers, who are doing well (four consecutive winners move to Wednesday). They play at one of the fastest paces in the league (18% of their possessions start in transition), they have a potential rookie of the year…


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