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NBA, referees union agree to new seven-year labor deal Hop aboard the Zion hype bandwagon: His trainer says he’s ‘in fantastic shape’ Kyrie Irving on Nets getting swept by Celtics: ‘We needed that humbling experience’ Report: NBA, players union in ‘serious conversation’ for new CBA, with draft age lowered to 18 Celtics owner calls team ‘overrated’, gives ‘green light’ for luxury-tax spending

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In the NBA, the work world…

At least not with his judicial union. The two parties announced that the NBA and the National Basketball Referees Association have agreed on the terms of a new collective bargaining agreement that will run through the summer of 2029.

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This is good for the league as it works to clean up the mess over the next few years. Fans can understandably get frustrated with NBA umpires, but watch college representatives for a while, or worse, FIBA ​​officials, and you’ll realize just how good NBA umpires are at their jobs. In the game of hyper-athletic players who play with a bang, they do an incredible amount of the right things.

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The NBA is continuing talks with the players’ union about a new CBA (both sides could opt out in December), but speaking to media on Wednesday, Adam Silver said there were no updates. The league would like a labor peace – with referees and players – to be struck before negotiating a new TV and streaming rights deal in the coming years that could double those fees for the league or more.

This is the little analysis that echoes in every Western Conference preview when it comes to the Pelicans:

“If a Zion Williamson can stay healthy…”

This is big “IF– In three seasons, Williamson played in 85 games and missed 141, including all of last season. But since his foot surgery, he has been working with a new strength and conditioning coach in Jasper Bibbs. Bibbs spoke about Zion to William Guillory of The Athletic.

“He’s in fantastic shape,” Bibbs told The Athletic. “He dedicated himself to the day-to-day work. I’m really proud of what he was able to achieve. Now he is the best athlete ever…

“We focused on changing body composition — body weight, body fat, etc. — while maintaining and improving flexibility, strength, and power. We also focused on improving his overall fitness. The more weight he carries with him, the more stress he puts on the body. We have focused on the aerobic and anaerobic fitness specific to basketball. One of the main goals was to restore Zion to the same athletic ability he had before his injury. In the process, he improved athletically…

“I am very pleased with his commitment to not only his fitness, but his commitment to doing all the tedious soft tissue work, stretching and nutrition. He was phenomenal in his nutrition. I’m very happy about it for him. As he continues his career in the NBA, it’s amazing that he’s starting to develop these habits right now, at such a young stage in his career.”

Bibbs wouldn’t turn down Zion’s weight (of course he didn’t). However, in a week everyone will be able to see how he looks and moves.

There were questions about Zion’s training habits and playing style, but when he was on the court, he looked in every way the top pick and talent of the generation that he was predicted to be. Two seasons ago, when Stan Van Gundy made him more points forward at times, Zion averaged 27 points per game, shooting 61.1%, plus 7.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game, and he looked like the top inside scorer in the game. Now connect it with shooting and framing CJ McCollum as well as Brandon Ingramsurrounded by good role players (Larry Nance, Herbert JonesJonas Valanciunas) and suddenly the Pelicans look much more dangerous.

If Zion can stay healthy.

The Milwaukee Bucks spent the final days of the NBA season dodging the need to play the Brooklyn Nets in the first round. The Boston Celtics faced this challenge and prevailed. Kevin Duran, Kyrie Irving and the Nets out of the playoffs. Boston came out of that series with the confidence that took them to the NBA Finals.

The sweep has been good for Brooklyn earlier this season as well. At least if you ask Kyrie Irving, who appeared on Nets Kingdom.

“We got 4-0 on my G, we got 4-0 on mine. This is how it should have happened. Motivation bro. We needed that humiliating experience, especially against the Celtics. It was already built to be that matchup. We will see them again, we will have to. They will be where they will be. But those young people in Boston, bro, I’ve seen them grow up. So to see them do what they did last year at the final stage, having come this far, I’m glad they had to go through with us.”

Was it really that humiliating? Although the victory came as a surprise, the Celtics were pretty serious favorites to win the series.

Did Brooklyn need to be humbled to wake him up? The Nets enter this season as potential contenders, but with so many questions: Can Kevin Durant stay healthy and continue to play at the MVP level? Will Kyrie Irving stay focused and focused throughout the season? Will Ben Simmons take on the role, work more off the ball and fit in with Durant and Irving? Is Joe Harris healthy and returned to his shooting form? Can Nick Claxton take a step forward and become the center of defense the Nets need? Will Royce O’Neill be able to become a defender on the flank they need?

The list goes on and on from there. The Nets are a potential contender, but no other NBA team is having so many fundamental questions this season.

So maybe the loss was a good, humiliating experience for the Nets. Maybe it will help them this season. But at best it is part of a much larger tapestry.

The long-debated return to allowing 18-year-olds to jump straight out of high school into the NBA will be on the way sooner rather than later, part of the “serious conversation” the NBA and NBPA are having about the new Collective. deal agreement, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic.

There is a mutual waiver date of December 15th when either the NBA (meaning the owners) or the players union can opt out of the current CBA effective July 1st. The goal for both parties was to reach a new agreement by Dec. 15 that would take effect after the current CBA. League sources don’t expect work to stop—both sides benefit from the current system, and neither wants work to stop that interferes with that flow (and would be a PR disaster in…


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