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NBA Rumors: Donovan Mitchell, Russell Westbrook, Myles Turner, Houston Rockets

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With the August days ahead, NBA executives and a few free agents are waiting for the blockbuster domino to fall. Kevin Duran, Kyrie Irving, donovan Mitchell, as well as Russell Westbrook as potential candidates for relocation.

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Several big names remain on the free agent market, including Colleen Sexton, Montrezl Harrell, Dennis Schroeder, Carmelo Anthony, Lamarcus Aldridge, Jordan Nvora, DeMarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, Blake Griffin, Tristan Thompsonas well as Lou Williamsaccording to our Free Agent Ranking HoopsHype.

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While these free agents wait for blockbuster trades to unlock potential roster spots, here’s HoopsHype’s latest report with intelligence on Mitchell’s Knicks-Jazz trade talks, Westbrook’s future with the Lakers, Turner’s future with the Pacers, and a few updates on the Houston Rockets.

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Donovan Mitchell

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

According to several NBA executives who spoke to the Jazz about trading Donovan Mitchell, Utah is looking for as many draft picks as possible and does not prioritize players who are winning now. Utah hopes to get a bigger catch for Mitchell than Rudy Gobert a deal that resulted in four first round picks and 2022 in the first round Walker Kessler from Minnesota, league sources told HoopsHype. There is a belief that it would take five or even six first-round picks to get Mitchell.

Rival NBA executives believe that if Mitchell were sold to Utah, there would be an immediate sell-off, signaling the start of a long-term rebuild. Playoff level teams are watching Boyan Bogdanovich as well as Patrick Beverlyas both players enter contract seasons, league sources told HoopsHype.

Mike Conley must $47 million over the next two seasons, making him a more difficult trade candidate in the near future.

The New York Knicks have the required draft pick compensation to acquire Mitchell, including a maximum of eight first-round picks over the next seven years they can include. However, New York has so far been reluctant to give up the draft pick treasure chest as trade talks have stalled over the past few weeks. Utah and New York have been arguing about the number of peaks, whether or not they are protected, young assets (Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickly as well as Quentin Grimes), and which salary filler players will be used to close the deal.

Despite bidding back and forth, New York remains the presumed favorite to get Mitchell if Utah ends up trading him. The Knicks were looking for a star in Leon Rose era, and Mitchell will fill that void by entering the prime of his career to fit in well with the current core of New York.

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook during the game
Russell Westbrook during the game

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As noted on HoopsHype latest podcastthe league is dominated by the thought of any deal between the three teams involving Russell Westbrook would need to include 2027 and 2029 first-round picks from the Lakers with the lowest possible defense.

League sources told HoopsHype that the Lakers had talks a few weeks ago about joining the Jazz and Knicks in a potential three-team trade.

The proposed three-team trade scenario included Westbrook going to Utah and being bought out. Utah will send Donovan Mitchell on the Knicks, a combination of two players, including Patrick Beverly as well as Jordan Clarkson, Boyan Bogdanovich or Malik Beasley The Lakers, and the Jazz will receive significant compensation for the draft picks from the Knicks and the Lakers. The Knicks would also have to part ways with salary-filling veterans like Derrick Rose to help make the paycheck work.

The Lakers are also interested in a trade for the Knicks forward. Cam reddish, which could also be part of the deal. Last season, the Lakers nearly acquired Reddish as part of a blockbuster. three-team trade negotiations between the Lakers, Knicks and Raptors at the time.

Another potential plot twist to keep an eye on is whether or not the Knicks would be interested in acquiring Beasley. The Knicks had previously expressed interest in signing Beasley when he was a restricted free agent and former Timberwolves executive. Gersson Rosaswho signed Beasley to a four-year, $60 million contract in Minnesota, now works for the Knicks as a senior basketball consultant.

Miles Turner

Trevor Rushkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacers Center Miles Turner heard his name in more rumors than a high school student in the hallway in the last five seasons. He recently spoke about how he became “numb” to the roar in interview with Andscape.

Despite hearing his name in trade rumors, Turner loves Indiana and is happy to play with her. Tyrese Halliburton, who will represent the first real point guard he played with in the Pacers, league sources told HoopsHype. This summer, Turner also remained active in the Indiana community.

If Turner stays with the Pacers, he is expected to play a solidified starting center role with more potential offensive opportunities. Domantas Sabonis no longer shares the frontcourt with him.

Turner, 26, is young enough to fit Indiana’s recovery schedule. The question, however, is whether the Pacers are willing to pay the top shot blocker potentially more than his current $18 million salary when he becomes a free agent next summer.

Houston Rockets

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

While veteran Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon aroused trading interest around the draft, there is currently no urgency in his trade. Houston considers Gordon a valuable help on the court and a veteran mentor to the young core. His $19.5 million the salary could be used as part of a big deal before the deadline, and his shooter, playmaker and defensive skills remain attractive enough for playoff teams that he is expected to retain a market for his services.

Rear teammate Kevin Porter Jr. Recently, a possible extension has been discussed. League sources told HoopsHype that whatever the scenario for renewing Porter Jr.’s contract, it would likely be a win-win deal for the team. Houston is prioritizing cap places for next summer. With Porter Jr.’s potential starting bid to be around $8.5 million, it’s unlikely that the Rockets will want to offer much more than that when they can move him into restricted free agency next summer. It’s also worth noting that the Rockets gave Porter Jr. a second chance after the Cavaliers turned him down and he went unclaimed after locker room explosion.

Finally, another team of Rockets players is keeping an eye on the trading market. K.J. Martinwhich aroused interest after reported trade request from Houston, according to The Athletic. Given the abundance of rookie forwards in Houston Jabari Smith Jr., Tari Easonas well as Jay Sean Tate Having received a significant pay raise in his new contract, Martin appears to have little playing time left.

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