Will acquiring Jerami Grant for the Detroit Pistons get the Portland Trail Blazers back in the playoffs?

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The Blazers began the 2021–22 season with the longest active playoff streak in the NBA, having made the playoffs every season since Damian Lillard’s second year in the league. They finished it with Lillard on the sidelines, longtime backcourt mate CJ McCollum in New Orleans, and a bunch of young players and journeymen who lost by historic margins in the final month of the season.

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Before the season finale in Portland, Lillard took the microphone and told the home crowd, “This is not going on.” The addition of Grant is the first step in Blazers general manager Joe Cronin’s recently expanded plan to rebuild the roster, which he cut to a trade deadline. Is adding Grant a sufficient step to get Portland back on the right .500 side?

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On the other hand, Detroit took advantage of Grant before the final season of a three-year contract that saw him blossom as a scorer. Giving the Grant and not getting paid in return gives the Pistons one of the biggest war chests in the NBA, who will become free agents next week. How can the Pistons use this purchasing power? Let’s break it down.


Trailblazers get:

Straw Grant
46th pick in 2022

Pistons receive:

2025 first round pick (via Milwaukee Bucks)
36th pick in 2022
2025 second round selection
2026 second round selection